6 Ways in Which to Organize Your Kitchen Before You Remodel


It doesn’t always need to take much time or energy to put together a well-organized kitchen space. When you have things neat and organized, it’s much easier to prepare and enjoy meals there. There are many other benefits to having a more organized kitchen. With some thought and resourcefulness, you’ll have a room you can be proud of in no time.

Use Risers in Your Cabinets

When you place risers in the cabinets, this allows for optimal use of the space inside of them. You can put your baking pans, mixers, plates, and food storage containers all in one cabinet when you section them off this way and then you won’t have to scramble around in several spots for them.

Consider Your Extra Space

Do you have some “wasted space”? You might consider putting a small shelving unit or rack there. This can hold spices, magazines, cookbooks, flour, sugar, and various other items you want to keep close at hand. Just make sure when you’re filling your space, you aren’t simply stacking items which could make it tough to access items on the bottom and only cause irritation later on.

Sorting Is Best

It’s in your best interest to have items sorted as much as possible in your kitchen. You’ll cut down on clutter and be more efficient when you know where everything is kept. Use some plain jars to hold your tongs, spatula, and other utensils so that you don’t have them getting tangled up in a drawer(s).

Measure Your Space

Use a cabinet for just measuring tools such as cups and spoons (if you have a full one to devote). You also can hang some corkboard at the back of your baking cabinet for this purpose.

Employ Different Organizing Techniques

It’s a good idea to use several organizing options. This can include dividers, caddies, and hooks if you have tall and narrow cabinets. When you do this you’ll be maximizing the space that you have available. You can also mix and match different types of organizers that have similar stylistic elements. Some people like a clean and modern style while others might prefer an earthier, more rustic style. Let your organizational tools help amplify your decor aesthetic.

Labels Everywhere

Labels are great for your drawers, cabinets (those without glass doors so you can’t see inside), and inside your refrigerator and freezer. When you use this system for your food and drink, it can minimize waste and save you the headache and confusion that you’d have with guessing games.

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