Can Track Saw replace Table Saw?


In the beginning, we had manual saws, and it took a lot of time to cut and shape the wood using them. And gradually technology changed it from manual to electric saws. These electric saws have made one job easier and the other most important thing is that it saves a lot of time. Because of this, we can do more in less time. If you have a wood shop, and you cut wood, you will definitely need more than one saw. Because saws are an essential part of any wood shop. Cutting wood without damage or waste is an art. There are many techniques for shaping, processing, and cutting wood. The ones we use to cut them.

Electric Saws:

Today we have so many kinds of electric saws. That we use according to our needs and work. They come in many different sizes and power. They come in many different sizes and strengths. Which we have circular saws, band saws, table saws, miter saws, track saws, and more. These saws are used on a project basis. Here we will discuss a few of them including track saws and table saws. Because people want to know more about these two saws. We talked to a lot of people and got their reviews about these saws. We have tons of track saws reviews and table saw reviews that we collect from various surveys.

Table Saw:

Table saws are one of the most versatile tools in the workshop. Most cuts you can make on a table saw you can make on a circular saw or track saw or even a bandsaw. The advantage of using a table saw is that, it’s highly accurate for repeat cuts and quite often it’s easier to move the piece of wood through the saw rather than the saw through the material. The table saw is very useful for big projects, it can cut thick layers of wood slabs very easily.

We can rip a sheet of plywood with a track saw or with a circular saw and an edge guide. If we use a good blade we can also make clean cuts across the grain without a table saw. But those cuts will always be faster at the table saw especially if you have a good accurate fence that you can rely upon. This is the main factor in favor of the table saw. If you’re using a measuring tape and getting the front and back of the blade to align your fence, it doesn’t close well. This eliminates the usefulness of the table saw. And what’s more, the size of the table saw is bigger and we can’t move it easily compared to the track saw.

Track Saw:

The track saw depends upon the tracks. We use different sizes of tracks to cut the wood. It takes a bit of time to install and set the tracks, but it works much faster and safer than a table saw. A table saw can work very well for you if you need to make angled cuts especially when you need to repeat those cuts. A table saw can work great for you. If you need to make angled cuts especially when you need to repeat those cuts. You can mount a joint board on a job site table but this will require a jig. A track saw basically has its own built-in jig which is the track. If we talk about how much space a track saw will take compared to a table saw. We can take them to the case. Track saws come in different sizes with different cases. It does not take up much space. We can also place them in the corner of the room.

Now it’s up to you, which saws you need to use. They both have their own features, which are very useful in different cuttings.

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