Finding Specialty Trailers on Short Notice


Sometimes you need to transport a load that requires special handling, and that means accessing a trailer type you haven’t invested in quite yet. It’s true whether you’re a professional trucker looking to haul a customer load in the safest and most secure way possible, but it also happens to hold true for business owners with their own commercial vehicles for supply logistics and product delivery. In either case, the key is knowing who to call for trailer rentals near you. When you have a regular contact with a wide selection of available trailer types, you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to get what you need at a good price. Instead, you just call the people who know your business and explain what you need out of this trailer rental Everett WA.

When Is Trailer Rental Cost Effective?

Truck trailers are a big investment. They usually don’t cost as much as a new cab, but they are still major equipment purchases if you buy one for yourself. That’s why many independent operators go years with just one or two options before they invest in widening their options permanently. Realistically, if you aren’t going to be using the trailer several times a month for years, it’s probably more cost-effective to rent or lease. With rentals, you can terminate the overhead at the end of the project and wait until you need that specific trailer again before you engage another one. When you do, you’ll have the benefit of knowing it’s turnkey-ready and recently checked for maintenance concerns, which adds peace of mind to your next run.

Leasing and Longer-Term Rentals

It can be cheaper to lease than to own even when you do plan on using a trailer for a longer period of time, depending on your current cash reserves and credit. Leasing typically involves less cash up front, so you don’t need to dip as far into your reserves as you would when making a down payment. It also allows you to set terms that provide you with the opportunity to upgrade the trailer to a new one regularly, just by terminating the old lease and engaging a new one for a more recent model year. On top of that, the lease removes a depreciating asset from your taxes while counting as a business operating expense, so it often results in tax savings over equipment ownership. Keep all this in mind when deciding how to access your next trailer, because the more cost efficient your operation, the more money you make in the end.

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