Giant Ceiling Fan Buyer’s Guide


Are you considering buying a giant ceiling fan? If so, it’s a good idea. Not only are large ceiling fans good for providing a vast amount of circulation, but they’re also quite decorative. It’s not every day that you see a giant fan in a home or office, so they definitely stand out.

With that said, check out this list of some of the best massive fans:

Fanimation FPD8148BN Odyn LED 84-inch Ceiling Fan

The Fanimation is an incredible commercial ceiling fan that’s perfect for the office. It includes a DC motor that allows it to only use up to 70% of energy. It’s constructed with brushed nickel and black blades that give it a sleek look.

Plus, it’s equipped with 84-in blades that function at six reverse and forward speeds. Lastly, this fan includes a remote, so you can turn it off or change the speed with convenience.

When you consider a large fan, it’s best to choose one that includes the majority of the features you’re looking for.

Big Air ICF72UPS Industrial Ceiling Fan, 72-Inch

This choice is another giant ceiling fan favorite. It comes with nine blades that are stainless steel and a variety of adjustable speeds. You’ll never have to worry about it getting too hot when this fan is on because it blows hard.

It’s great for large rooms, warehouses, and other large spaces. It also provides amazing ventilation and airflow for areas that have a lot of fumes and smoke.

Turbina XL Brushed Steel Damp 84-inch Ceiling Fan

You can use this Turbina giant ceiling fan in a home, office, or warehouse. The blades are 84 inches and are designed with brushed steel. It’s different from other massive fans because it’s specifically designed to work well in damp environments.

Not only that, but it includes a remote control, so operation is a breeze.

VES Environmental Solutions – VES 60″ Industrial Ceiling Fan

If you’re on that hunt for massive fans, this is it. The VES has incredible motor strength and provides tons of ventilation. This fan comes with multiple settings that allow you to move blades forward and in reverse. Not only does it provide good ventilation, but it’s the top choice for cooling the environment as well.

In warehouses where there are a lot of chemicals or smells, this fan helps to keep a balance in the atmosphere. This is a great fan for small warehouses or manufacturing spaces with ceilings that are mid-level. It also works well for open floor offices or large retail areas.

Furthermore, it’s reverse function and moisture resistant feature makes it an incredible addition to indoor greenhouses or other environments where moisture is plentiful.

Install Your Giant Ceiling Fan

This giant ceiling fan list has some of the most incredible fans to choose from. No matter what your style or taste, these massive fans are sure to please. Which one will you choose?

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