How to Clean Your Cowhide Rug


A cowhide rug is a beautiful addition to the interior decoration of a home. On the other hand, they do require a substantial amount of maintenance to stay in pristine condition.

Cowhide rugs from Hide Rugs add warmth and style to the room in which they are placed. The misconception is that cowhide rugs are extremely difficult to care for but the following tips should help you clean yours and use it for long.

Vacuum Your Rug

Cowhide rugs are naturally stain-resistant and highly durable. The reason is because they are technically made of leather and just like leather, excess water is very dangerous to its integrity.

When leather comes into contact with water, it becomes stretched and it ruins it shape. The same could happen with your cowhide rug if you clean it with too much water.

Vacuuming your rug is the best option for regular cleaning. It will remove the dirt on your rug without the risk of damaging its condition.

If vacuuming is not a preferable option for you, you can take the rug out of the room and shake it resolutely to air it out. Any debris in the carpet will be dislodged.

Many rug owners are opposed to vacuuming as it does not get rid of smells on the rug. The solution to this predicament is to use a deodorizing powder. Follow the canister instructions and then vacuum it when done. The smells should disappear.

Cleaning Small Spills

Whenever you spill a colored liquid on your cowhide rug, it is easy to clean the stain if you act promptly. In this situation, vacuuming will be of very little use.

The reason you should act quickly is that the longer you leave the stain on the rug, the harder it will be to clean it. The most effective way to clean such a stain is to use a small amount of water and a cloth to blot the stain.

The process of blotting will slowly soak up the liquid that stained the cowhide rug. If that does not work, a damp cloth or paper towel and some soapy water should do the trick. If you do not have any mild soap, organic shampoo should do.

An extra tip is the use of a little vinegar after blotting out the stain. It will prevent any stain from reappearing once the cowhide rug is dry especially if the stain was caused by your pet.

Serious Stains

Cleaning more serious stains on your cowhide rug is slightly different than small spills. For food stains, you should remove the solid part of the food first by shaking it out of the rug. If you have to, you should scrap the food off the rug. However, scrap the rug with the grain as opposed to against the grain of the rug which will severely damage it. Blot the rest of the stain as you would a small stain.

For grease stains, the most vital tip is to not smudge the grease into the rug. When cleaning it, you should use a soap specifically made for cleaning greasy surfaces. Use the soap and a damp rag to clean it.

If that fails, call a professional and they will tell you what to do.

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