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For the construction of your house, it is important to think carefully about your project; whether you want to add a garage or pool and whether you are looking for an open or closed concept.  You should also decide how large you want your kitchen and if you want a long driveway. There is so much that goes into building a house from scratch with your own desires and ideas of how you want it to come out. You should consult one of the best custom home builders in San Diego to get the project started.

Types of Construction

You should choose a custom builder that provides the kind of help you need by defining your criteria and design an optimized plan for your future home. You need a custom builder that gives you the choice between three types of construction: “collection” houses with the possibility of making adjustments according to your criteria, “personalized” houses which allow you to create a unique house, and finally “tailor-made” houses, which offer the choice of the original architecture.

Catalog House vs. Custom Built House

What is the difference between a catalog house and a custom built house? If you ask your builder this question, the answer will be that with a catalog house, you buy a predefined product. All the elements of the catalog model have been optimized in order to set an accessible price. With this model, the possibilities for modifications are limited. On the contrary, the custom-built house looks more like a blank sheet of paper whose lines are gradually emerging according to the customer’s preference. It is a much longer process, which will require important discussions between the customer and the builder. This is an approach that goes beyond the simple commercial transaction. The customer builder constructs homes that suit the customer.

The Jargon

In building jargon, the first interview with the builder is called “the discovery meeting”. The customer will share his desires, his needs, and his estimated budget.  It will also be necessary to take into account the technical constraints linked to the land such as its orientation, its direct environment, or even the local urban plan. The wish list should be as precise as possible. This should include surface, architecture, interior features, and other elements. All details matter such as whether the front door opens to the living room or to the kitchen instead? In addition, there are details such as the type of heating or whether there will be a functional staircase, or would the staircase become a decorative element only.

In Summary

But above all, the custom builder will ask the customer about their lifestyle, their daily routine, and their entertainment habits; among other things. This will help the custom builder to fine-tune the different choices. Once all this valuable information has been collected, it is transmitted to a team of custom builders. They take care of drawing the interior plans as well as a ground plan to start the project from the ground up. The work done must be as precise as possible in order to help the client to get into their home sooner rather than later.

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