Link-round up: How to sell your home quicker


In some areas, homes will fly off the market the same day they are listed.

Unfortunately, it’s not like that all over the country. In fact, it can even take years for some properties to sell.

Suffice to say, this can cause all sorts of issues for the owners of these properties. It means that they are stuck, optionless – and that’s no fun for anybody.

Well, today is all about trying to turn this situation on its head. We have scoured the internet and found great ideas like real estate photography and the following links which can help you deploy tips that can supercharge the time it takes to sell your home.

The famous lick of paint

This first link comes courtesy of Real Homes. They conducted a poll which tried to find out what the best color to sell your home really was (we’ll let you reveal the results for yourself).

Painting your walls and generally tidying the place up will show potential buyers that you are serious about selling the property. Don’t make them do lots of work once they have purchased it!

Be prepared for people to view your property

Once you put your home on the market, there’s a good chance that people will want to visit – so be ready for them! Well-presented homes are more likely to be sold quickly – so make sure everything is ship-shape before people arrive. You might also want to consider doing an open house day as well; this way, loads of people can look around at once without inconveniencing any individual householders too much.

The source of this tip surprised us, but it actually came from Dummies. They have a great checklist that is worth checking out.

An injection of color (via flowers)

The next stop is via Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have some brilliant inspiration on their pages on how homes can go from dull and dated, to gloriously full of color with just one vase. This Avas Flowers link has a few more photos as well.

Selling your home is all about getting the right balance. You want it to appear ‘lived in’, but also fresh and new. Flowers are something that can help you strike this balance perfectly.

Get rid of all the clutter

Next, let’s introduce you to the Marie Kondo method, via Good Housekeeping.

Sell anything you no longer need or use regularly; chances are that somebody else appreciates this stuff more than you do, and if they don’t then a charity shop will take it off your hands anyway! Not only does this give potential buyers more space in which to move around (and makes light work for removal men), but it also increases the perceived size of your property – most visitors will have no idea how big or small any given room really is unless they can see its dimensions firsthand!


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