Rustic Decor For Any Home


Rustic farmhouses and antique decor seem to be making a comeback in the interior design world, which is great news for people who like an open, natural feel to their living space. The use of distressed wood, glass accents, and light colors are inserting themselves into mainstream design options so even suburban or city dwellings can feel like they were just plucked from the country side. If you’re looking to add this kind of vibe to your home, then there are plenty of ways you can go about adding in some shabby chic, such as picking up scarp from yards or using a rustic timber company.

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The first step to any rustic room isn’t the wood, though, it’s the colors. You’ll want to pick the color palette that matches your personality and the purpose of the room. For example, if it’s a smaller living room with lots of natural light, you can go with light colors like white or beige to make it feel more open and larger. In this case, you’ll want lighter colored woods as well, as opposed to darkly stained cherry or oak options.


You’ll also want to establish a theme for the room. Although farmhouse can be the overall style of your home, each room should have its own personality. To use the living room again, you might want to make the theme “family.” In this case, you can add art that says things like “home is where the heart is” or lots of pillows and blankets so there’s plenty of room for guests. The flow of the room can promote parties and guests so people know they’re always welcome in your space.

Designing a rustic home can be lots of fun and can turn out beautifully if you follow these few tips to make everything cohesive.

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