Spark Modern Fires Bring A Unique Perspective To Your Home


If you are looking for a gas fireplace with a unique, superior design along with an outstanding performance, try a fireplace from Spark Modern Fires. They are the originator of the first flame-only, sleek and modern fireplace that offer flawless fires creating an extraordinary experience. They are the professional’s choice, favored by top architects and designers. A sophisticated fireplace with versatility and low-maintenance that is sure to be a conversation starter!

Clean Indoor Gas Fireplaces

Many homeowners, interior designers, and architects are looking for clean alternatives to the traditional wooden fireplace. With Spark Modern Fires, the unique flame-only fire is not only cutting-edge innovation, but also doesn’t emit harsh fumes or ashes. Relax and enjoy your indoor fireplace whenever you please at the touch of a button. Adding a modern twist to your gas fireplace will not only enhance your views but will also solves architecture issues. Their indoor gas fireplaces fireplaces commonly fit nicely into walls, into a firebox, and in various designs and dimensions.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Experience the warmth with an outdoor gas fireplace from Spark Modern Fires. The modern designs provide a great aesthetic, that can fit into stone walls, pool walls, fire windows, fire cubes and just about any outdoor living area. Adding a fireplace to your outdoor area will enhance your landscapes and the beauty of your outdoor spaces. Add the signature fire ribbon, and you may never want to leave your backyard.

Choose a modern fireplace from Spark Modern Fires and you will never go back to the traditional wooden fireplaces. The cutting-edge fireplaces offer a sleek architectural design, low maintenance and flame sizes that you can control from a remote. Bring the spark back to your fire by installing a Spark Modern Fires modern fireplace with their signature fire ribbon for dramatic views.

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