What you need to know about the Tesla Solar Inverter launching soon


Tesla has just announced their Tesla Solar Inverter, which will be available soon. The Tesla Solar Inverter completes their range of home solar products, which also includes the Tesla Powerwall (read Why Tesla Powerwall is worth the effort) as well as Solar Roof Tiles. Here are the details.

What does it mean for the solar industry

Since the launch of the Tesla Powerwall, a revolutionary new solar battery that can be used with any solar panel system, Tesla has been a key player in the solar market. They have just added a solar inverter to their arsenal, which can be used with any type of solar panel and the Powerwall. These new features include real-time updates, two models (the 3.8 kW model and the 7.6 kW model), which have different output and function.

The Tesla Solar Inverter completes your Tesla home solar system. It converts DC power from solar into AC power for home use. The inverter is compatible with Solar Roof as well as traditional solar panels and has strong safety features. The Tesla app allows homeowners to monitor their solar system, manage it, and track energy consumption. This creates a unique ecosystem experience.

What is a Solar Inverter?

A solar inverter, as the name suggests, is what connects between your panels and your home’s energy panel to convert solar energy into power.

The solar cells of your panels convert direct current (DC) energy into energy. This is a more detailed description. Many homes use Alternating Current energy (AC), so you will need a method to quickly convert solar power into household power.

An inverter converts DC power into AC power with incredible efficiency. Because solar inverters are connected directly to each solar panel’s back, this is possible. The inverters are independent of the other panels, which results in more efficient power production.

Tesla solar inverter features

Built on Powerwall technology, the Tesla Solar Inverter features Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity for updates over-the-air. It can also be integrated with the Tesla App. You can monitor your energy consumption and make adjustments to the Tesla app. The Tesla app allows you to see the energy use and production of your home at any time. You can monitor the energy consumption of your home with the Tesla app.

The Tesla Solar Inverter measures 26″x16”x6′ (or 660mmx411mmx158mm), is 52 lbs and comes with an extended warranty of 12.5 year. Safety features include integrated rapid shutdown, arc fault and ground protection.

Tesla has not yet released the price and release date, but we will.

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