4 Different Ways to Dress Up Your Deck

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For those of you who plan on adding a deck this summer, you’ve likely seen a myriad of articles outlining the ways to frame, construct, even how to preserve this new addition to your home. But once you’ve got your fancy new deck fully built and operational, you will want to make it look warm, friendly, and inviting for you and your family and your guests to enjoy day or night.

That’s because decks wilmington de are only enjoyable if you make them so and, fortunately, we have a wide variety of possibilities for you to consider. There are four in particular that we really like to suggest to homeowners who are either building a deck for the first time or seeking out ways to revitalize an old deck they have had for years.


An essential component of any well-utilized living space in the home. But the right furniture is only going to serve to dress up your deck if you match the right pieces together. It goes without saying that you should only purchase separate pieces that match or complement one another; however, you should also consider your comfort while enjoying that furniture on your deck.

So, place an emphasis on the pillows you place on or even around the furnishings that make up your seating arrangements. Aim for vibrant colors and oversized comfort. Just be sure you have chosen pillows made of fabric and components that can withstand the outdoors and all the wear and tear it might bring to your materials.


2. Lighting

The light fixtures you place on and around your deck can go a long way towards dressing up your deck. Lighting is important for security and safety as everyone uses the deck in the night. You don’t want anyone getting injured due to poor visibility. But while safety is paramount, you should also consider your lighting aesthetic. The type of fixtures you select and where you place them can have a significant impact on the appearance of your deck and give your home that improved curb appeal you really want.

3. Railings

While we’re on the subject of safety, the railings surrounding your deck are vital for ensuring no one gets hurt, especially if the deck is raised above the ground. But you don’t need to settle for just any type of railing to install on your deck, you should also consider aesthetics as you decide on this essential component of the structure.

So, think about incorporating elements that are intended to match the architectural style of the home. For some homes that might be glass paneling, for other homes that might be certain balusters and posts that are done up in a similar style to match the exterior aesthetic of the rest of your house.

4. Rugs

Much like with the pillows you select, you want to think about color and resilience against the elements. There are many indoor-outdoor rugs on the market and when choosing the right for your deck, consider how it plays into the overall aesthetic of the space.

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