Questions to Ask before Opting for Attic Conversion

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Almost everyone complains of lack of space at some point, but not everyone can afford to move to a bigger place. So, what can you do? An attic conversion is one of the easiest ways you can go about it. You have the freedom of deciding what you convert it into, whether an office, an extra bedroom or a play area. But, before you start planning, there are some questions you need to ask. Read on to know what they are:

Is the attic suitable?

Checking the head height of your attic is the first thing. It needs to be at least 2.2 meters to be regarded suitable for a conversion. Make sure there are no obstacles, such as water tanks, boilers and chimneys

Can your home handle the conversion?

Your house’s weight will increase with an attic conversion. You need to be absolutely certain if the structure can handle the new weight. The foundations need to be exposed and checked, along with beams or lintels, which will be responsible for dealing with the additional weight.

What is your budget?

If you look for a guide to converting an attic, you will discover that budget consideration is of the utmost importance. You don’t want to be halfway through the conversion and realize you don’t have the funds to continue.

What kind of conversion are you going for?

There are different types of attic conversion to consider, such as dormer, roof-light, hip to gable, modular and mansard.

Do you have the necessary permits?

You need to ensure that the kind of attic conversion you are considering is in accordance with building regulation. Get the necessary approvals and permits so your work will not get delayed and you will get the conversion done as quickly as possible and without any legal tangles.

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