Three Ways Rental Linens Bring Your Special Event to Life

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If you’re planning a special event, rental linens can help you achieve your vision at an affordable price. When you rent linens, you choose from a vast collection of fabrics, colors and sizes that bring your event to life. Here are three of the many linen options.

1. Chair Slipcovers

If you seek chair slipcovers Las Vegas NV, prepare to be amazed! If you’re planning a wedding, for example, rental companies provide a host of high-quality slipcovers in fabrics like sateen and Spandex. Your color choices can include black, white, silver, gold and ivory. If you’re planning an elegant sit-down dinner, a simple black or white Spandex slipcover is a tastefully quiet choice that allows your guests to focus on their food and conversation.

2. Tablecloths

Tablecloths add immediate color and texture to any room and give you endless varieties of options. They’re a great way to further your special event’s theme. For example, if you’re planning a golden wedding anniversary, you might opt to rent gold metallic table runners or a tablecloth with gold roses in the pattern. From small square tablecloths to large round options, you can find the table furnishings that complement your event’s theme.

3. Napkins & Rings

Like tablecloths, napkins bring color and texture to your event tables. They’re typically available in a host of fabrics, from linen and brushed satin to polyester solids. If you’re planning an engagement party, for example, you might opt for a whimsical printed napkin that reflects the happy couple’s fun-loving nature.

For a sit-down dinner, you may choose to rent napkin rings. Silver varieties were originally popular for dressing up tables and showing off wealth! Silver or gold napkin rings add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

As you can see, rental linens allow you to choose from an incredible selection of products and bring your event to life. The best part? Once your event is over, you can return them and choose a whole different look for your next event!

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