How to Choose Between Roller Garage Door Repair and Replacement

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While roller garage doors are durable, you may occasionally require repair. Dents and dings are often easily fixed with the help of a garage door installation company. However, significant damage may require the need for door replacement.

Common Issues Solved with Garage Door Repair

Depending on the garage door damage or issue you are experiencing, repair may be an option. You should first determine when the issue started. If the door suddenly stops working, the problem is likely an isolated issue. If the problem has slowly grown worse over time, it may be the result of natural wear and tear.

When the door suddenly stops opening or regularly gets stuck, the rolling mechanism may have issues. The springs or other components can become bent or misaligned, keeping the door from properly rolling.

Dents and physical damage to the door may also be repairable. Using the right equipment, professionals can attempt to remove dents. However, the removal of a dent does not always fully remove the signs of damage. Surface scratches or damage to the exterior may remain.

You may also notice a sagging or uneven garage door. If one side of the door is lower than the other, one of the springs may be damaged. This is often an easy repair that requires the replacement of the springs and the rehanging of the garage door.

Roller garage door repair in Newton Abbot may solve your garage door problems. Allow a professional to examine your door and determine if the damage is repairable. A quick examination should help uncover the extent of the damage and whether repair is an option.

Garage Door Issues That May Require Replacement

Roller garage door problems that have gone untreated for multiple years or slowly developed may be more difficult to repair. The same is true for previously repaired issues that require repair again.

Replacement is often recommended if the door has severe damage though this may not require the complete replacement of the rolling mechanism, track, and other components. This depends on the amount of damage to each part.

Garage door damage that is the result of a break-in may also provide a reason to replace the door. If intruders found a way to penetrate your door, they may do it again. Whether they managed to remove the roller door from the tracks or damage the lock, you will likely feel safer and more secure with a new roller door.

Depending on the age of the roller door, you may choose repair over replacement even if repair is an option. Updating an old, worn door can add kerb appeal to your property and offer years of service before requiring repairs.

Every situation is different and the decision between repair and replacement may depend on the type of damage to the door. Always talk to an expert before making a final decision.


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