Will Purchasing Energy Efficient Windows to Add Value to Your Home?

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When it comes to home improvement projects, savvy homeowners want to maximize the return on their investments. Put another way, it is wise for homeowners to consider how much a home improvement can increase the value of a home, particularly when it comes to pricier upgrades. You may be going through this very thought process if you think you might purchase windows in the near future. Here are a few factors to consider when it comes to upgrading the windows in your home.

New Windows Provide an Investment Return

Windows are expensive. Windows are a big project, requiring the work of professionals. Here is the good news: windows do in fact raise the value of your home. It is said that replacing all of the windows on your home can provide a 74% return on your investment. In other words, if you spend $12,000 upgrading the windows in your home, you could raise the value by as much as $8880. Although this would not entirely cover the cost of the window replacement, $8880 is nothing to sneeze at. Windows continue to maintain their value for many years, so even if you do not plan to sell your home for several years, replacing your windows can still be a good choice.

New Windows Look Great

New windows can give your home a breath of fresh air. Replacing your windows can help make the look and style of your home more cohesive, sleek, and just plain pretty. Additionally, replacing your windows can allow you to control the amount of natural light a room gets which can make any room cozier or more appealing. As an added bonus: you can install new windows that are easy to clean. If you hope to sell your home in the coming years, the beautiful look of fresh windows can help your home stand out.

New Windows are Energy Efficient

If you are replacing the windows in your home, energy efficient windows are an obvious choice. Any new windows will seal cracks and prevent the unwanted transfer of air from outside to inside, and vice versa. Specifically designed energy efficient windows take this a step further by controlling the amount of UV light that passes through the glass. Selecting energy efficient windows can significantly lower your energy bill, putting more money back into your pocket every single month. Energy efficient windows can help keep your home more comfortable all year. They can also ease the strain of your heating and cooling systems.

If you have wanted to replace the windows in your home, but you have been deterred by the cost, it may be time to reconsider. When you think about the value that will be added directly to your home, and combine this with the amount of money you can save on your energy bill each month, it is easy to see how replacing your windows is a smart investment that practically pays for itself! Contact a window professional to attend to all your replacement windows Richmond Va needs. A professional consultation can help you select the very best energy efficient windows for your home.


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