Sports that require rubber floor mats

Flooring Materials

Safety and health should be a priority in any athletic facility. Flooring must be protected from injury because many sports involve high-impact activities and movements. The flooring in athletic facilities should be durable. The floor mat in an athletic facility should be resilient. It will not work as well.

Rubber floor mats are used in most athletic facilities. Rubber floor mats are durable and absorb shock. This material is durable and can reduce the severity of an accident. It also helps to protect users from injury. It can be used outdoors as well as indoors. To accommodate specific sports, different styles and thicknesses of anti slip matting can be used. Running, weight training, aerobics and Ice Rinks are all examples of sports that require rubber matting.

Weight training

Rubber flooring is the best solution for weight training facilities. The rubber flooring should be customized to suit the training area. The flooring should be strong and dense for heavier equipment. It should be able to withstand a lot of weight without breaking or bowing.

Different areas may need different thicknesses for the mat. The free weight area, for example, would require a thick rubber mat to provide weight cushioning. Olympic lifting requires that individuals lift heavy weights above the ground. The matting used should allow for the weights bouncing back slightly when the weights are lowered to the ground.


Rubber matting is required for aerobics and plyometric drills. These movements require people to move quickly and to explode from one movement to the next. Individuals must perform jarring movements during aerobic exercises. These movements include running, jumping, and lunging.

These mats should be porous. These mats should be porous to allow for increased shock absorption and a layer of cushion. These sports require a porous rubber floor that can be gripped and allows for sudden changes in direction.


Rubber flooring is required for indoor track and field facilities. Running mats must be durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. It is important to use dense materials to make mats for running. It should be strong enough to withstand the impact of running spikes. Flexible flooring should be able to adhere to bends made by the tracks.

Rubber Mat Attributes

Rubber promotes gripping. Rubber should not be used in sports that require friction. It is not recommended to dance on a rubber mat as your feet need a smooth surface. You can use it as a subfloor underneath a hard flooring for these kinds of sports. This would provide additional cushioning in the event of falls.

It is essential to maintain a clean rubber mat at an athletic venue. It is important to clean the mat regularly as they are susceptible to bacteria and fungus growth. You should choose the correct matting solution for your facility based on the sport it will be used for.

Ice Rinks

You may be asking yourself why an ice rink would use rubber. This may not seem obvious. Protective surfaces are required in areas surrounding the ice so that people can safely use skates. The most popular material for icerinks is rubber. Rubber ice rink flooring will take a beating from all the skaters. It’s therefore important to choose durable and sturdy rubber that won’t be damaged by skate traffic.

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