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An organised garage is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes your garage a more functional space. But a lot of homeowners struggle to have a tidy, organised garage and it’s down to the fact they simply can’t have a complete clear-out. People struggle to part with items they have used once in a year but still have some form of sentimental value, but when you have a clear-out, you need to be ruthless.

If you struggle to get rid of your items and completely de-clutter, follow these simple steps from Dencroft Garages, an experienced, knowledgeable concrete garage manufacturer and supplier based in Yorkshire.

But for once you have de-cluttered your garage and you’re struggling to get any form of organisation, here are a few tips to help you out.

Stackable bins

Using storage bins in your garage is a fantastic idea, it allows you to store items in to different groups. Items which people tend to group together include camping equipment, sporting equipment and big winter clothing.

But what homeowners tend to do is place these storage bins against the wall and sometimes in the corner, and this makes it extremely difficult to pick the bins up and transfer them around the room. The solution to this is to build an easy-to-build storage tower. These allow you to have easy access to your bins as well as saving a whole lot of space.

Store more on walls

Install racks or shelving units on the walls, which will give you more storage space and therefore prevent items from being left out on the side – in particular, items which could harm you or a member of your family.

Ceiling racks

A form of storage that a lot of people tend to forget about is ceiling racks. They are a great place to store light to medium weight items such as festive decorations and clothing and mean that there is a large amount of clutter cleared from the floor, shelves and cabinets – creating more space for different items.

Corner shelves

The corner of your garage usually gets very dirty and dusty due to the fact that it isn’t utilised as much as it should. A great way to make most of the space is to a corner shelving unit. These shelves are a great place to store small items such as oils, waxes, glues and polishes.

Don’t waste high space

In majority of garages across the UK, the head space and high space around the edges is completely untouched. The way to think is this – if everything is within reaching or touching space, you’re not utilising all of your storage space. This space is perfect for long-term storage items – building deep shelving or cabinets would be perfect to store these items.

Double-duty shelving

Shelving alone is a fantastic way to store items, but double-duty shelving is even better. Underneath the shelf itself, install hooks so that you hang items of clothing, tools and other camping equipment on it – making it a multifunctional way of storage.


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