Reasons behind CBD Honey being a Perfect Aid to Relax


Since the dawn of time, the cannabis plant extracts have been benefitting men in many ways. No wonder, today many superior quality health enhancing products have cannabidiols, a component found in the Sativa cannabis plants. The cannabidiols are commonly known as CBD. The hemp plant constituents have been used to make therapeutic medicines, topical products to enhance the beauty of the skin and to boost general health.

The list of beneficial properties of CBD is endless. You will even find it to be present even in food stuffs like cookies, jams, sauces, cooling drinks, coffee and tea. Now, pure CBD oil honey sticks are being sold popularly in the CBD shops. You can get the best fresh ones from trustable online platforms like Just CBD.

The online shop is well known to have various CBD products. All products are safest to use as they are tested by authorized laboratories. There are CBD products available to improve health of your pet dogs. Hence, it is one stop shop to buy CBD in every form.

Why CBD honey sticks are quite popular?

It is the best innovative idea to enjoy the health benefits of both honey and CBD. Moreover, it is yummy to eat. You can eat your stick like straw after sucking your choice of beverage with it. Yes, you guessed right! They are straws having lots of honey and right proportion of CBD in its composition.

The CBD forms used to make the straws vary in their proportion and forms. The honey sticks having full spectrum CBD has all the qualities of the hemp plant, meanwhile the Isolate of CBD has only CBD in pure form. Hence, while buying CBD honey sticks, it will be beneficial to read the label to know the form and proportion of CBD used to make the honey sticks.

CBD honey sticks are available in two forms:

  • Solid: They are just like a candy to eat or dissolve in your hot milk or any other beverage. You can simply eat to enjoy its sweet taste.
  • Liquid: They are uniquely made, more likeable and easily available in any CBD stores.

Dosage level of CBD honey stick you can consume:

The proportion of CBD present in each stick are printed on the label of the pack. You can start with a lower dosage level and continue for a week. You can increase the dosage level slowly to enjoy good health. Mainly, the dosage level depends upon your age, gender, metabolism rate, your medical history, requirement and body weight. You can start with 10mg and gradually increase it to 50 to 60mg.

Children can have 10 to 20mg of CBD per day. There are negligible side effects thus don’t hesitate to add CBD honey sticks to your daily diet. Some people do complain about dryness of mouth however having a glass of water will get rid of the problem. You can make CBD honey sticks at home. You can get best recipes from the internet. Enjoy making superior quality CBD infused honey stick or you can buy the best pack of it from Just CBD.

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