Things you should not do while doing basement waterproofing


Noticing water droplets on the wall, ceiling or water puddle on the floor of your basement can happen in a residential and industrial property anytime. Your building basement is the support of your property. Hence, you shouldn’t ignore its repair and maintenance. Choosing reputable Toronto basement waterproofing services is the right way to get it done. The professionals will look for a viable solution and rectify your basement issues quickly. However, along with the dos, there are some don’ts that you should keep in mind. Such things should be avoided for your basement waterproofing. The list is given below:

DIY basement waterproofing

Several homeowners are worried about the basement waterproofing cost. So, they opt for a DIY approach to fix their water leakage. It is not suggested to see waterproofing videos on YouTube and start with DIY methods. Your basement is an important part of your home, and whatever repair you do will impact your whole home. You need steps that will last long. Opting for DIY remedies with zero experience in the field can enhance the issue rather than rectify it.

Waterproofing inside and outside walls with paint

The houses in the lakeshores and riversides are more susceptible to water leakage problems. It may occur because of water level, pressure or altering weather situations. Hence, property owners should not use waterproof paint to fix the issue. It is important to choose professional basement waterproofing services for it. They will assess your building’s basement and offer an appropriate remedy. The use of paint will only be helpful as a final touch. Do not just paint your walls inside and outside to avoid leakage. It will merely last months.

Emergency basement waterproofing services

Building owners shouldn’t go for basement waterproofing during the rains. During rain, pipe leakage, flooding and water clogging are already expected. Hence, you should first find out the actual reason for leakage in the basement. Hiring professionals will help you inspect the real cause of flooding and apply a suitable solution for it. It is better to wait for the rain to end or floodwater to drain out before starting the inspection and remedial process.

Drying duration

If your basement is wet because of rain or snowmelt, you should wait. The water spots noticed will take time to dry during the rainy season and winter. Hence, you cannot conclude which place needs to be fixed with a DIY method. However, a professional can develop the best solution to seal proof your basement. Waiting for your basement to dry completely will help you get permanent help from leakage, wetting and flooding.

Appointing a cheap contractor

The cost of basement waterproofing services differs from one contractor to another. They may charge according to the material and method used. A reliable company will offer you a free inspection and provide a free estimate. However, if a company charges you extremely low for their services, they will possibly use low-quality material and render poor services. Hence do not go for such services.

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