4 Reasons Why Your AC is Producing a Foul Smell

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One of the best inventions modern life has seen is AC. It provides quality air and promotes better living. But when it starts producing a foul smell, you cannot enjoy those benefits. Before you get alarmed, here are some of the reasons your air conditioner is producing a foul smell and what you can do about it.

Mold in The System

One of the reasons the AC is blowing a stinky smell is because mold has built up inside the AC duct. This can be harmful to your health, especially if you already have a respiratory issue. The process of changing hot air to cold leads to condensation, which causes tiny water droplets to form inside the unit. When your unit is working well, that water is supposed to drain. If it does not, the result is the growth of mold inside the ducts. When that happens, the air blown into your house comes with a moldy smell resembling dirty socks. To fix this, you will need to find air duct cleaners Nashville TN-based to come help.

Dead Animals Inside

When there is a dead animal trapped in the unit, you will not be able to stand the smell coming from your AC. The smell resembles rotten eggs. Rats, insects, and even birds can get trapped in the AC, fail to get out, then die and decompose. When you notice this smell, switch off the AC and open your windows to ventilate the house. The next step is calling an HVAC technician to get the unit cleaned. You may also need pest control services if you suspect more pests in the unit.

Overheating Motor

When the AC’s motor is overheating, it produces a burning smell. It could be that the bearings are worn out, the capacitor is spoilt, or any other electrical issues. Other components that could be burned include the circuit board, compressors, and power wires. The burning plastic smell you are smelling means that one or several of these components could burn. Do not attempt to DIY as it can be a fire hazard. Stay safe and shut off the AC immediately till a professional inspects it and repairs it.

Gas Leak

Gas leaking in your AC is extremely dangerous. If you start smelling gas, then your system is leaking, and it needs immediate fixing. While natural gas has no smell on its own, gas distributors usually add a distinctive odor to it. This allows one to immediately detect it in case of leakage and prevent any harm that can be caused, such as an explosion. Gas leakage almost resembles skunk spray, and so it is unlikely you will miss it. Immediately you sense the smell, turn off the gas supply. You can then contact your utility to inspect where the problem could be coming from.

Even if you cannot get a technician to come to your house, never attempt to repair the AC on your own, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. There is the risk of injuring yourself or spoiling the unit. Let an HVAC technician help you out.


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