5 Best Free Apps Every Planeteer Needs

5 Best Free Apps Every Planeteer Needs

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Regardless of whether you’re green-finger  ed or horticulturally hopeless, these 5 free mobile apps available for Android and iPhone devices can help any planeteer with a wide range of functions. Some of which include tips to grow delicious food, identify plants, create wonderful gardens, deal with pests and make informed choices while shopping, gardening, and recycling.


  1. GrowIt!: The app is a perfect blend of utility and fun as it not only offers great tips and inspiration on cultivation, the app’s social sharing feature allows you to connect to fellow planeteers across the world. Not sure which plant or flower you want to grow? The app has you covered with its Explore feature that helps you find the right plants for your garden. You can also mix and match all sorts of search criteria with the app’s filter option that allows you to sort plants by color, light needs, and plant type. Since the results are local, the plants you get will definitely bloom in your area.
  2. SmartPlant: Are you looking for a personalized doctor to your plants? If the answer is yes! this free app will become your instant favorite. Featured in BBC Gardener’s World, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, iTunes DIY essentials, SiriusXM and on BBC radio, this app is a safe haven for anyone who’s horticulturally hopeless. All you have to do is upload a picture of your plant or the pest affecting it and SmartPlant will have an expert gardener identify it on your behalf., What more is that you can create your personalized horticulture library with its “My Garden” feature that lets you build your garden in the app to receive bespoke advice, relevant recommendations, and seasonal reminders
  3. Sustain Me: Created by a Melbourne based team of young entrepreneurs bent on reducing Melbourne’s carbon footprint,“What Google is to the web, sustain me is to recycling.” From learning to recycle batteries, meat containers and plastic bags to finding donation and recycling locations for items such as fridges, couches, and electronics are included, Sustain Me is the ultimate digital tool to protect mother earth. You can even measure the impact of recycling with the app’s sustain me game that offers tangible results on how you are securing the environment for future generations and rewards you with your own thriving e-patch to care and nurture.
  4. Good On You: Maybe you’re an activist curious to know how fashion brands treat their workers, the environment, and animals or a fashion blogger who wants to discover new brands that have a positive impact on this world. Good On You can help you discover fashion that looks good on both skin and conscience. With household brand names like Abercrombie, Mango, Nike, and Zara in the list, the ethical fashion app gives you the power to identify trusted ethical brand ratings for more than 1,100 fashion brands. You are also given the power to empower millions of people around the world to buy better by sending positive or negative feedback to these brands.
  5. Sustainable Seafood Guide: If you’re an environmentalist who wants to ensure the seafood you eat is a sustainable choice, Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide is the perfect tool for you. Developed by the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), Australia’s leading marine environmental not-for-profit, the app offers e-solutions to raising environmental concerns like overfishing, fish farming, and others impacting our ocean wildlife. Some of the features of the app include free, up to date seafood assessments, sustainable seafood markets and even best brand of tuna from Greenpeace’s Canned Tuna Guide. Although the app shows you the sustainability of over 90 different types of seafood, including those from wild-caught fisheries, fish farms and imported species, its Australia specific.

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