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I’m an entertainer who tours for many months out of the year.  Because I find myself on the road a lot, I made careful plans when it came to the design and decoration of my home.  The last thing I wanted was to have that stark, impersonal feeling you get when you stay at a hotel.  I get so tired of kicking that cardboard box that’s under the bed in hotel rooms, I had extra storage built into the design of my bed.  I keep notebooks there to jot down words and melodies as they come to me, which sometimes happens in the early hours of the morning.  I also designed my living room with tall ceilings and a huge curved glass panel, so I could see my Balsam Hill Christmas tree as soon as I hit the driveway that curves for a quarter mile to my front door.

I’ve had a Balsam Hill tree for years now.  I first encountered their beauty and versatility when I appeared on a television show in Chicago.  I was amazed to see the stagehands pulling and tugging on the branches with out the needles fall off.  One guy laughed and said it’s wasn’t real.  I was so surprised I had to go over and touch it for myself.  I’ve since learned they have a patented system that creates the Trulook foliage that is used to make their realistic looking trees, wreathes and swags that are so popular this time of the year.  I have decked my halls with decorations from Balsam Hill many times and never have to worry about watering, plucking out dead leaves, or guests have allergic reactions to the flowers in my centerpieces.  I’ve even told friends about Balsam Hill.  One uses Groupon codes to purchase gifts for her family, friends and everyone who could use the gift of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

When I look at the beauty they add to my home, I am filled with gratitude.  The first year I went on the road, I put a tree up before leaving and left the lights on an automatic timer, so they’d turn on each night.  Our show was so popular we were held over for two weeks.  By the time we returned, shortly after New Year’s Day, my tree was dead.   Now, I’m greeted by this beautiful Balsam Hill tree each year that comes fully decorated and is full of lights that beckon me home from the road.  I think I’ll write a song about that.


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