Different Types of Fences You Could Use in Your Garden


Regardless of how your backyard is designed, a fence can be incredibly beneficial for both aesthetic purposes and for safety. A garden fence or even just a fence around your whole property is a great way to add a level of security to your yard while also bringing some style in at the same time. Of course, there are many different types of fences available that may be better for different preferences and needs. Do your research before making a decision to be sure that you’ve chosen the one that is best for you and your yard.

Choosing the Right Fence for Your Yard

Before you go jumping around looking for fencing supplies in Sheffield, you should be sure that you’ve done your research on the different types of fences that are available. There are fences designed for every purpose whether you need more security, protection from the wind, a way to keep your dogs in, an aesthetic touch, or anything else you might need. Determine your needs first as they will help you figure out which type of fence is best.

Horizontal Waney-Edged Fencing

This style of fencing may also be known as traditional fencing, overlap fence panels, or lap fence panels. Each fence panel is laid horizontally across the posts and overlaps each other slightly. These are some of the most popular fences and are great for security and privacy.

Feather-Edge Fencing

Feather edge fences may also be known as closeboard fences. They are similar to horizontal waney-edged fences but they are created with tapered boards laid vertically. For people who need even more reliable security and privacy, feather-edge fencing may be a better option.

Picket Fencing

Also known as palisade fencing, picket fencing is very popular and one of the most widely recognised types of fences. Although these fences aren’t best for security or privacy, they are great for marking boundaries or decoration. Families with pets or children will appreciate the picket fence’s abilities to keep things inside the marked boundaries of the yard.

Decorative Fencing

If privacy and security aren’t your top priorities, you might consider decorative fencing instead. These fences are great for people who simply want to mark boundaries with beautiful structures. There are many different types of decorative fences so you should look into your options to find the style that best suits your preferences.


If you’re not much of a fence person but still want something to line your yard or garden area, you might want to consider planting a line of shrubs along the boundaries of your yard or garden. Shrubs can grow to be quite tall so you could even get an added benefit of privacy from these, depending on how you care for and maintain them.

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