5 new interior trends to try in 2019

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Designers’ new looks for 2019 are well established. Here we can inspire you with the best design trends for the new year – some looks are surprising, but all will make the most of the spaces in your home.

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1 Finishes and materials

Every year progress is made with new uses of materials. For 2019, the esteemed designer Patricia Urquiola has created a table collection using remarkably light glass and marble-look veins.

These oval-shaped tables with asymmetrical legs are enchanting, with the vein pattern in the glass top appearing fluid and creating a sensual dynamic. This look heralds a trend of the unexpected in 2019.

2 Winning colour of the year

Called Nightwatch Green, this is our colour of the year. A moodier replacement for bottle and hunter greens, it makes a pleasant change from trendy matte black, and suits high-shine finishes. If painting a whole room is too much, think about small yet meaningful ways to introduce the colour, such as a vibrant textile or rug.

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3 Convertible urban dwellings

From modern incarnations of Murphy beds to walls that are moveable and houses with many purposes built-in, dwellings that can be converted are one of the best 2019 trends to get our attention.

We like homes which are overflowing with a conversation-provoking design that utilises even small spaces with ease and practicality.

4 Multifunctional and compact furniture

As more people move to the city, designers are finally catching on to the necessity for multi-purpose, smart furnishings that are small and adaptable. Such furnishings can suit different needs and spaces and fit into challenging rooms – making this trend one of 2019’s most notable.

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There is another overview of trends for 2019 here https://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/home-garden/interiors/design-news/interior-trends-2019-pinterest-bold-prints-painted-floors-and-geometric-walls-a126401.html.

5 The return of boho

Boho style was first hot about a decade ago, but that layered, rich look couldn’t keep step with changing styles and no longer felt fresh. So it was a surprise to find it coming back as a major trend for 2019 interior design. An unexpected look, it will certainly make your house stand out, and is easy to take into your home – adding an atmosphere of whimsy that’s not been seen for a while.

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