Choose the Right Garage Door to Give Your Home a Makeover

Home Renovation

Before replacing an old garage door with the same design, explore other options. There are many types of doors available, from bifold garage doors to side sliding doors. Learn how to choose the best door for your garage.

Enjoy the Convenience of Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door typically consists of four or five horizontal sections. Hinges connect the sections, which roll up along the ceiling of the garage. Automated options are also available for most sectional doors.

The number of sections in the door can vary. With a bifold garage door in Nottingham, your garage will have a distinct look. Instead of four or five sections, the bifold door will contain two equal sections.

The advantage of the sectional doors is their versatility. There are many designs and styles to choose from, making it easy to match the existing décor. These doors are convenient, practical, and attractive.

Use Side-Sliding Garage Doors for More Ceiling Space

If you do want the garage door to take up ceiling space, you can install a sliding garage door. These doors are secured with rollers at the top and a floor rail at the bottom. The door opens to the side so the entire ceiling area is free for storage.

Side sliding doors are also suitable for garages with sloped roofs or difficult layouts. Choose between automatic and manual opening.

Install Up-and-Over Garage Doors for Smaller Openings

Up-and-over garage doors are useful for smaller garages. These doors are comprised of a single panel that tilts up and then slides over along the ceiling.

Up-and-over garage doors also provide security. A single panel with a secure frame is difficult to tamper with. The drawback is that you must stand away from the door when opening.

Add a Rolling Garage Door for Durability and Security

Rolling garage doors bring security and increased durability. Instead of rolling along the ceiling as a sectional door does, the rolling door rolls into an assembly located just above the door opening. This frees up ceiling space.

Rolling garage doors are constructed of durable aluminium. They are often found in commercial settings, commonly used for delivery doors or loading areas. While generally used in commercial properties, options are available for residential garages.

Order Specialty Garage Doors for a Custom Fit

Specialty doors are available when a standard door does not fit the layout or design of the garage. Custom doors can be made using any of the designs discussed. Choose a sectional, sliding, or rolling door cut to fit the exact opening of your garage.

Homeowners and other property owners have many options available for a new garage door. Instead of simply replacing an old door with a similar design, you can create a new look. Consider the pros and cons of each design or work with a door supplier to find the best fit.


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