Create A Spacious Look With Clever Use Of Mirrors

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There are quite a few tricks that interior designers use to make a room appear larger than it really is, and this can be achieved with the clever use of mirrors. As we all know, mirrors reflect light, and it is this quality that can cause a room to appear more spacious, and mirrors combined with a light primary colour will certainly give the illusion of space to a smaller room.

Angle Mirrors To A Focal Point

Clever use of a pair of mirrors is to select a focal point in the room and angle two or three mirrors to the focal point, and with one of antique mirrors for sale on the online antique dealer’s website, you can create an illusion of spaciousness. Mirrors will reflect both natural and artificial light in such a way that their presence will make a room look bright and airy, and a pair of antique mirrors is the ideal feature to blend with a modern or contemporary setting.

Place A Mirror Adjacent To The Window

Placing a mirror near a window will reflect the outside into the room, adding another dimension, and coupled with a glass table top will amplify this illusion of space, while also making the room a little brighter. Another trick is to use mirrored cabinet doors, which achieves a similar feeling of space, which works well in small bedrooms, especially if accompanied by light colours.

A Tasteful Collection Of Small Antique Mirrors

If you like the look of antique mirrors, why not create a wall with a selection of mirrors of different shapes and sizes? This can look stunning, and if the mirrored wall is facing a large window, the effect is amplified somewhat, and the various styles of frames will add texture and depth to the room. There are a few more mirror ideas you can get from articles available online that can be utilised in a small room to give it a more spacious look and feel.

Combine A Mirror With A Chandelier

This is a great way to add depth to a narrow dining room, and there is a wide selection of antique mirrors and chandeliers available from the online antique dealer, who would have more of a choice than a traditional antique shop, and should you be looking for something specific, the online antique dealer is the person to source it for you.

The Oversized Mirror

This is a favourite interior designer’s trick to make a small room look much bigger, and the larger the better, while keeping the mirror opposite the window. This might seem a little too much, yet in the right setting it does work well, especially a full-length mirror that stretches across the wall.

There are many ways that mirrors can be used effectively to create the illusion of space, and with an antique injection into a contemporary setting, you are adding some contrast and depth. A large mirror can be leant against the wall, pointing slightly upwards, which will also make the room look a little larger than it really is.

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