How Much Should You Pay for Professional Backyard Designs?

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Professional backyard design in Miami costs around $5,300 for most homeowners, but it’s possible to spend as low as $1,125 on smaller projects.

If you’re planning a European-style garden, you can start by looking for affordable Italian garden planters. Once you determine the right look for your backyard, you should then look for a licensed and bonded landscaping professional. This protects you from incomplete or undelivered work as promised. While you don’t need to screen a lot of potential contractors, it’s best to consult at least three different professionals and compare their offered services.

How Much Will Contractors Charge?

Hiring a general contractor in Miami will increase the total bill by almost $640 to $800. Rates in Miami-Dade County are nearly the same among most contractors. Try to hire a professional who lives nearby to avoid paying extra for their transportation expenses. Average quotes in the city usually include labor costs, equipment, and materials.

Any extensive work such as uprooting trees and earthmoving might require a permit, which won’t be included in the overall cost. A contractor’s experience and skills will also affect their rates. You can hire a landscape designer if you only need to modify the backyard’s appearance, while landscape architects are more suitable for structural changes.

Backyard Renovations Are Expensive

Those who plan to convert their backyard space into something else must prepare to pay a hefty price. For instance, a new patio can cost from $15,000 to $50,000. Outdoor kitchens are another example. You should expect to spend at least $10,670 to build one on your backyard. Any additional work, such as regrading the soil, which costs $2,000 on average, can easily increase the estimated expenses.

The Ideal Budget

While a backyard renovation is expensive, you can still save money by knowing how much you need to fork out. Aim for a budget that reflects 5% to 10% of your property’s current value. The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends this percentage for extensive landscaping projects.

Money-saving Tips

The best way to save money on backyard landscaping requires you to do the messy work, while only hiring professional for jobs that are too complex. Homeowners who plan on selling their properties should be more prudent with specific amenities.

A swimming pool, for instance, seems like a no-brainer given the weather in Miami. However, not all installed pools deliver a promising return on investment. You might only recover 39 cents for each dollar spent on a swimming pool upon a reselling the house, according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. On the other hand, you can regain around 70% of your investment on a new deck once you put your house for sale.

A backyard design can be as simple as buying new planters for your garden to a converted outdoor living space. Try to spend a bit more, especially if you plan to sell your house in the future. When done correctly, a landscaped backyard can increase the value of your home by almost 30%.

Meta Title: What Is the Average Cost of Professional Backyard Designs?

Meta Description: Most homeowners in Miami spend around $5,300 on yard designs. Smaller projects can cost as low as $1,125 depending on your plan.


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