How To Choose The Best Paint Color For Any Room

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When choosing a color to paint a room whether in your home or your office, first determine whether the room is more on the small side or large. If a room is large in stature, it broadens your options when it comes to painting. When a room is considered more on the small side, you are limited. This is something consider first as the color of a room will make it appear larger or smaller than it actually is. When painting a rather large room, it is okay to risk losing quantity of space but you want to avoid this when playing with a smaller space.

What qualifies a room as small or large you ask?

When evaluating your space, this a more of a personal decision. Start by standing at the entryway of the room you are evaluating and take a look around. Ask yourself how you feel whether you feel cramped, comfortable, or just right. Depending on how you feel, now you can choose your color pallet!

Colors best for small rooms

With the right colors, lighting techniques and decor it is possible to make a small room appear more spacious than it really is. It’s an optical illusion!

Light colors reflect the light making a space feel more open while dark colors absorb the light making the space appear smaller. Try painting the trim and moldings on your walls a shade or two lighter than you walls. Doing this will make the walls appear farther back as a result making your room seem larger.

Colors best for large rooms

Now that you have chosen the size and feel of your space and determined it falls on the larger end, you have more options to sort through. When it comes to colors, use the entire rainbow! You have a large pallet to play with so go crazy. But in a controlled, sensible way of course.

Something fun to do with a large room is choosing a focal point. Once you’ve chosen a color pallet, choose a contrasting color or even a couple shades darker than your overall color, and paint one wall different than the others. Not only are you adding interest, but you also make the large room appear smaller which in this case you can afford to do so.

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