How to Adapt Your Home for Country-Style Living

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They say nothing beats the classics. We naturally lean towards what is convenient and more comfortable in this era of modernization. Some embrace the technology-based lifestyle and modern living. However, for some that beg to differ, traditional country style is the best way to do it. But how would you turn your already modern home into one that is inspired by country life’s simplicity? Here are some the tips you can follow.

Choose wood and earth materials

One component that makes the country style unique is the use of earth and wood materials. Country style is using nature as it’s the main component and utilizing it in its purest form. Think of obtaining wood floors, exposed beams, and wood panels. Think of owning wooden cabinets and cupboards. Consider exquisite wood works such as carved wood as home decor.

Keep it simple

Country style living embodies the word, simplicity. When you think of simplicity, that does not necessarily mean that you have to minimize what you put in your home. Do away with extravagant decors like embellished golden pieces, marble-topped furniture, and patterned prints. Choose neutral earth colors like light brown, cream and beige as paint for the room. Pick sofas that are not patterned or sporting a solid color. You can also have wooden cabinets that are enclosed with glass to access items that are frequently utilized. Also, keep in mind to have objects in your home that you use. Everything present should have its purpose; not purchased for the purpose of display.

Mismatch furniture to create the look

Your room can look naturally together even when you’re working with mismatched pieces. For example, your country style dining room can be matched with stools and chairs that you bought from flea markets and thrift stores. Although they don’t look uniform, it achieves the look of oneness and completeness. You can also customize your doorknobs, handles and table tops by mismatching them. Pick one design for one doorknob and install different ones for other doors.

Strive not to be perfect and formal

Country style living should be as natural as it is. Scratches, bumps, and dents are okay. Every part of your home doesn’t have to be squeaky-perfect. This style embraces the thought that this home has well-used pieces and that it looks as if each generation has utilized it well. It shouldn’t appear forced and directed.

Add pieces to make everyone feel warm and cozy

When you visualize what country-style living is, images of warm hugs, family members coming over to the fire, rugs and blankets beings shared can be witnessed. To make your ensemble complete, throw in a carpet, rugs, and pieces draped over a chair. You can also add in knitted stuff mounted on the wall for added inspiration.

Country style living is one of the simplest home interiors you can adopt. The classic wooden fireplace, the timeless wood crafts that you can display for everyone to see, and the comfort it brings are among the many reasons why many people adopt this simple lifestyle.

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