How To Dress Your Walls For Autumn/ Winter 2018/2019

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As a new season comes it can be easy to get wrapped up in the misery of the darker nights and colder days. Instead, why not draw your attention to the opportunity for new beginnings in your home!

We’re going to give you some exciting suggestions for dressing your walls this winter so you’ll forget all about the bad weather, and instead, you’ll be enjoying the incredible interior decor you’ve created in your home:

Dramatic Wallpaper

Dramatic wallpaper is wallpaper that features an eye-catching design that involves old images that have been repurposed and jazzed up. An opera scene but in bright green, or a theatre scene but done in bright pink. The designs are opulent and exciting, and definitely brighten up a dreary winter day!

Scandinavian Landscapes

We are used to Scandinavian or Alpine design in our homes over winter. Is there every a colder season without reindeer print in some shape or form? This year, the attention is drawn to the scenery rather than the decor. Scandinavian landscapes on wallpaper are incredibly beautiful and they come in the form of complete prints, or, inspired designs that use the colours of the landscape.

Moody Blue

Moodier blues can often find their way into opulent winter decor, but now they are on your wall. Rather than block colour though, moody blues are coming through in asian designs to bring a touch of the exotic into your home.

All Shades Of Green

All different shades of green are appearing on walls, in every hue you can imagine. From bright lime green to dark, mossy shades, it is the colour of the moment if you’re picking a wall shade for winter.


Whether it is actual wall tiles and designer wall tiles, or tile design, geometry is still very much here in decor and this is how it is presenting in winter.  An ordered, masculine and simple design in any geometric shape could be exactly what your home needs for chic winter design this year. You can find a wide variety on Décor Tiles.

Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Room

It is tempting to go jazzy on the walls and forget the rest of the room, but in doing this you could end up with an incoherent indoor space that gives you a headache during the winter months. Try to design your room around your walls if you are making them your feature, picking out key shapes or colours to reflect in accessories and furniture elsewhere. Do also consider how the wall colours will impact the rest of the room as they can darken a space which isn’t desirable for everyone when light is scarce. You can balance it with lighter shades of furniture or floor tiles, cushions and accessories as well as ensuring your windows are clean and letting natural light in for as much of the day as possible. With a beautifully dressed wall, and the right surrounding room decor, you can have a gorgeous, cosy, chic home this winter.





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