How To Store Your Wedding Dress & Accessories

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Find out how to store the most expensive dress you’ll ever buy with tips and tricks on keeping it in great condition for a long time to come.  

Your wedding has taken such a long time to prepare for and everything has cost so much to buy, you naturally want to keep hold of everything for as long as you can. Most people want to keep hold of signs, accessories from the wedding, cake toppers, flowers, shoes and the wedding dress.

To find out the best way to preserve your wedding dress and other accessories, take a look at these top tips:

Storing Your Wedding Dress

You’re likely going to spend over £1000 pounds on your wedding dress so it could be worth paying out to preserve it. If you need somewhere short term whilst you move house or renovate then cheap self storage (try here) could be a good option. Long term you will need to look at regular dry cleaning or potentially, professional preserving services where cleaners who are specialists in this area will work hard to clean the dress in great detail and then store it in the right kind of box.

At the very least the dress should be kept in a dry environment out of direct sunlight and away from moist items.

Storing Your Bouquet

You can preserve your bouquet but do consider letting it deteriorate naturally, and remembering it with pictures. Are you likely to get it out and enjoy it in the future? Perhaps you could press some of the petals in a special wedding book to keep some of the memory without going through the tricky process of preserving the bouquet itself. If you do want to preserve the bouquet home drying doesn’t tend to work so well. There are companies who professionally air dry bouquets but you have to pay for the service.

Getting Creative

Storing your items in a cheap self storage unit (see is a good idea as long as the items are packed properly and the items aren’t banned from being stored. The cake for example is likely to be on the banned list of most storage units because it is organic matter and could attract pests. If you don’t want to store your items, because you are unlikely to enjoy them in that way, or you would rather do something else with them, then there are some creative options you could consider:

  • Have A Wedding Dress Painting Party

You and your friends could wear your wedding dresses and get them splashed with paint for a great photo opportunity. This could be done for charity if you wanted to raise some money from it.

  • Have The Dress Made Into An Evening Dress

If you don’t want your wedding dress to be resold, why not get it made into an evening dress you can wear on a special anniversary?

  • Have The Bouquet Made Into Jewelry

You can have flowers from your bouquet made into jewelry you would wear for special occasions.

  • Make A Memory Book

Have any material, cards and other dry items made into a memory book or placed in a  memory box so you can enjoy the memories of your wedding all in one place whenever you want.


Think about how and why you want to store the items you love the most from your wedding and then choose an appropriate storing option based on your individual needs.

Remember that however you store your wedding keepsakes, nothing can ever take away the memories of that amazing day.




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