How You can Properly and Easily Declutter and Clear Your Loft or Attic  

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There’s no denying it: the attic or loft is one of the most cluttered and disorganised rooms in any home or property, as we tend to place things in the space without thinking about what’s still in there and we often don’t have any idea of the range of items which are already there. The loft or attic is a place which we usually avoid, simply because we know that it can be dusty, mouldy, cluttered, and dirty. But there will indeed be a time when you have to perform the task of decluttering and clearing your loft or attic, and if the time is now, there’s no reason to panic – you can do the job without too much of a headache and too many hassles if you know how to do it properly. Here, then, is how you can properly and easily declutter and clear your loft or attic.

First: prioritise your safety

The first step to decluttering and clearing your loft or attic is to prioritise your safety, which means making sure that you have the proper safety equipment, such as a mask with a filter to prevent you from inhaling particles in the air. You should also have a good pair of gloves so you can protect yourself from loose insulation or loose nails. If your loft or attic doesn’t have sufficient lighting, bring extra lighting such as a lamp which you can clamp onto the beams, or a headlamp.

Remove or move the items

The next step is to remove or move the items in your loft or attic. Take out whatever boxes or furniture is in there. If the things are too big or cumbersome, move them to a corner and then cover them while you clean the space. While moving your items, you have the chance to sort through them as well. Start with bigger things and work your way down to the smaller articles; make a pile of which items will stay and which will go. Once you have decided which items will remain in the attic and which you will dispose of, it’s time to clean.

Dust it off

Dust can be your number one enemy when you are cleaning your attic or loft, and for a good reason. Dust can easily gather in corners and crevices, and if you haven’t cleaned your loft or attic in a while, you can be sure that there will be a thick accumulation of dust all around. For dusting, it’s best to use a duster which is synthetic. Don’t forget the loft or attic’s walls, beams, baseboards, columns, frames, and windows as well.

Use the right equipment

Once you are done dusting, you can then use a hoover to clean your loft or attic further. It’s best to use a hoover rather than a broom because, with a broom, you are just sweeping dirt and dust around. If you can, use a hoover with a high-efficiency bag or filter, so all the dust particles are properly trapped.

Do a mould inspection

The thing about lofts or attics is this: they can easily harbour mould, and we all know that mould can’t be good. It’s therefore essential to inspect for mould, as it is often difficult to see. Mould can be black, but it can also be grey, orange, brown, green, or white. If your loft or attic has a musty odour, this could also be a sign of mould. If you suspect that you have a significant build up of mould in your loft or attic, it’s best not to clean it yourself. This is where a house clearance service can help you, such as the house clearance Cheltenham service from Clear & Clean House Clearance, which can take charge of decluttering and cleaning as well. This kind of responsibility is best performed by the experts, and it saves you time and effort as well.

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