The Essentials Of Moving A Piano

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Moving a piano can sometimes be a very difficult task, as well as being quite complicated as a result of their unique size and shape. Indeed, a piano is usually one of the heaviest and largest items that you may want to move if you are buying a new house. Therefore, you need to understand the various steps to make the process go as smoothly as possible. If you follow these simple tips then you can make sure that moving a piano is an effortless and painless experience.

Look at your piano

This particular tip may seem relatively self-explanatory; however, before moving a piano, you should look at its various dimensions and where you are going to move it to. Indeed, with a large item such as a piano, which is also delicate, you need to understand the dimensions and the route along you wish to transport the piano to make sure no damages are caused. In addition, you need to consider if you want the piano to be in a quiet side room to be practised on or the centre of a particular room. Furthermore, as a result of its dimensions, a piano can have a significant impact on the style of a particular room. Therefore, knowing the piano’s dimensions can only assist in helping you to determine whether it can be a feature of the room or kept out of sight.

Make sure you organise help

If you want to prevent any damage to your piano when moving from place to place, you should consider calling a company providing piano removals in Essex which can help you to determine how much assistance you might need when you want to move a piano in the future. One of the main considerations of moving a piano is to determine how much manpower you will need as well as find out whether any measuring will need to be done or a particular packaging used. Furthermore, you should contact a firm of piano removal experts to ask for a quote to make sure you receive value for money.

Protect your piano

Once you have decided that your piano needs to be moved, you should consider whether it needs any special packaging to protect it from any potential damage. In addition, you should also consider whether you need to close the piano lid and if possible, you should lock it. Indeed, if you do not have a lock or latch, then you should consider keeping the piano upright at all times during the move. This is particularly important as the keys and musical system within can potentially be damaged. Furthermore, make sure you protect the piano by wrapping it with foam to protect it from any scuffs or scratches which could happen during its move.


Finally, after moving your piano to a new place, you should also make sure it is tuned by an expert. However, you should wait at least a month before trying to tune your piano as it may need time to adjust to its new environment.

Make sure you protect your piano when moving it by calling a firm of piano removal experts as soon as possible.

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