Tips To Choose The Best Bike Storage Shed

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A few bikes have been purchased and you are wondering where to store them so that they don’t take up too much space in your hallway or basement. It is important to have extra storage space and secure bicycle sheds so that the bikes are not exposed to the elements and the hungry eyes of potential thieves. You will need a shed that is specifically designed for your bike.

Bike storage sheds are becoming more popular. If you have enough space around your house or backyard, they can be the perfect spot for your bike. Although it isn’t an expensive investment, this can make a significant difference in your yard’s organization.

These are some things to keep in mind if you’re buying bicycle storage sheds for the first time.

Find out the size of your shed

Your shed should be large enough to hold the bikes you intend to store there. You should consider getting a shed that’s not too big if you have two adult bikes and one kid bike. Kids’ bikes take up less space and are usually smaller.

Keep in mind, however, that the shed should be accessible from all sides. A larger shed might be a better choice if you like to have a little more space for work. A shed measuring 180×60 cm is best for bikes that are about 1 meter high and 175 cm long.


There are three options for shed materials: metal, plastic, and wood.

Wooden Bike Sheds

Bike storage sheds are traditionally made from wood. Wood was the only material available when sheds were first made. Wood is very affordable today, it’s simple to work with, and it will look great in your backyard. It will protect your bikes against the elements and potential thieves if it is well-made.

Metal Bike Sheds

Metal is also an excellent choice, and it is just as popular as wooden. This material is more resistant to theft than other materials. It’s water-resistant and won’t crack, fade, or bend. Insects or rodents can not harm it. This material is a good choice if your climate changes frequently, as it can withstand heavy rains and snows up to hot summer days.

Galvanizing the metal properly is necessary to prevent it from rusting. The shed doesn’t need any special maintenance other than a quick washing with soapy water. Although the aesthetic aspect of the shed is not very important, you can paint it to make it look better and keep your beautiful backyard design intact.

Plastic Bike Sheds

Plastic bike sheds, also known as resin, are relatively new and much more modern than metal and wood. These sheds are popular and easy to transport. They also come in lightweight so it is simple to assemble (just a few pieces). They won’t rust, but they will need to be maintained now and again.

How do you get to the Bikes?

You should be able to fit the bikes in the shed. Every bike should be removed in the best possible conditions. Bikes will move backward and forwards, not sideways, as not many sheds permit sideways movement.

Security and location

You want your bikes to be safe so it is best to put the shed in your yard, where you and your family can access it. It’s best to put the shed near your house if you have limited space. You should also ensure that the shed is placed in a place where it can be easily viewed from the outside.

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