What Makes an Arborist Qualified?

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An arborist specializes in maintaining and planting trees. While they have knowledge about all species of trees many specialize in the trees that are native to their area. Some of the arborist shelton ct specialties may include the Red Maple, Black Birch, Eastern Hemlock, Sugar Maple, and Northern Red Oak among a few others as they are the most common in the region.

Some may think that caring for trees is a simple process, but it can be quite complicated as they are large, living objects. While an unhealthy tree may look unattractive on your property it can also be a considerable danger to your family and home. If the damage becomes severe enough due to storms or one of the many diseases that can affect trees, a fallen limb can damage a home’s roof, cars, or even injure a person or animal. Even pruning a tree can be a very complicated process as you must be careful not to damage the plant structurally.

What Do They Do?

An arborist is essentially a doctor for trees. In general, they are employed by landscaping companies, lumber companies, forests, parks, and other clients who deal with trees or lumber. They can safely remove trees that are damaged or diseased or quarantine trees that are affected by a treatable disease or pest infection. In humans, disease and injuries need to be treated with surgery or medication and the same is true in trees. Arborists are trained to repair damage, treat disease, and prevent problems from occurring in the future.


Becoming an arborist is a difficult and time-consuming process. To obtain their certification, they must pass a comprehensive exam that tests their knowledge and ability to care for trees properly. Once an arborist their education they must continue to obtain further education to keep up with the latest science and techniques of tree care. In addition, they are held to a strong code of ethics.

When choosing an arborist to take care of your tree needs you can always ask them to show their certification. It’s important to note that not all states require tree specialists have this certification so it’s important to consider this when making your decision. Arborist certification is not sanctioned or endorsed by any government entity and is instead ran by experts in the field who are dedicated to their craft.

Being certified doesn’t necessarily mean that an arborist is qualified for your tree care needs. The only thing that the certification proves is that they have knowledge of tree care and can pass an exam, they don’t necessarily have a large amount of experience in tree care. When you are choosing an arborist it’s important to consider how long they have been in the industry, who trained them, their insurance, and testimonials from clients who have used their services in the past. Find an arborist in your area who is familiar with the types of trees on your property.

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