4 Home Upgrades That Can Increase Your Home Value

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We have all heard about the one home remodeling project that will send your property value through the roof. The truth is, there are many ideas that can boost your home’s worth, and a lot of projects can be easier and more affordable than you think.

If you are considering selling your home, or just looking to make some wise home improvements, review these four upgrades that are sure to bring you the results you desire.

1. Enjoy a Clean Garage

A great way to bring more value to your life and your home is to clean out the clutter and reclaim spaces that have lost their purpose. The garage becomes the dumping ground for all manner of possessions we have collected over time, making it hard to use for parking cars or a space to enjoy hobbies. Take time to purge with a rented dumpster, reorganize with shelving and wall hooks, and improve with an epoxy concrete floor finish.

2. Freshen Up Paint

A dingy kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom may not need a full-scale remodel to look fresh and modern. By simply applying a new coat of paint, in the same color, or something more trendy, you can give a facelift to any space in the home. Walls and trim take a beating over time, and the layer of grime and scrapes is not as noticeable as one might think. Do not let expensive changes like a complete overhaul distract you from cost-efficient choices like paint.

3. Evaluate Energy Loss

New homebuyers will be thrilled to move into an energy-efficient home, and you will also enjoy the many benefits these updates bring while you are waiting to sell. Evaluate the house for leaks around windows and doors that let unwanted air in and the desired air out to maintain proper heating and cooling costs. Old appliances are also worth swapping out for newer models that run on less electricity and operate more efficiently.

4. Respect Routine Maintenance

There is always something to fix around the house, so make it a practice to have a monthly or semi-annual routine for addressing home maintenance. Taking care of small issues when they arise prevents the need for significant repairs and keeps your home in excellent shape year after year. By replacing the broken shingle, cleaning up a spot of mold in the garage, and fixing a loose gutter, you will always be ready to put your house on the market with confidence.

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