5 Ways to Update Your Home Décor

Home Decor

Just a few minor improvements can make a world of difference when updating your home décor. Updates to your home can add charm and even luxury, depending on your style. Making purchases for items that would add finesse to the decor of your residence can be done by ordering online, or by shopping at a local store.

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These five home décor tips are just some of the ways you can transform the décor in your home.

  1. Update Lighting

You can start your project by changing the lighting in one or more rooms of your home. You can do something as simple as swapping out the lampshade by your bed.  If you like the lamp base, but the shade is old or seems outdated, you can revive your room with a new shade.

You will be amazed at the difference this makes on the room decor. When choosing a new lampshade, think about changing the color, style and size to add some fun into the lighting of your bedroom.

  1. Unique Antique Pieces

Another great way to update your home décor is by adding a unique antique piece in a room of your home. No matter what your home décor style might be, adding an antique piece is the perfect finishing touch to any room. An antique will work well with traditional décor or stand out in a contemporary style space.

Try looking for an antique piece at your local secondhand store, an antique shop or flea market. Any of these places will allow you to find a one of a kind statement piece to add character to a room of your home.

Once you find the perfect old piece, you can give it new life. For example, if you find a staple piece of furniture that needs reviving, try sanding and priming the piece, then give it a fresh coat of paint. Create a new look for the piece and make it a focal point in any room of your home.

  1. Add Accents, Texture and Layers

You can add interest to anyroom of your home with small details that will give the space personality.  Liven up any room of your home by adding color accent pillows. You can also swap the pillows out each season to change the look and feel of the space.

Paying attention to detail can make any room in your home go from subtle to amazing. Adding small details will give any room its personality. Try layering; it helps add dimension and interest. You could add a throw blanket to your couch with textured pillows. Just remember no to overdo it.

A room will look flat without any texture. To incorporate texture into the rooms of your home, try adding fabrics like linen or burlap. Or buy a fun textured rug with a pattern and use it as a centerpiece in your living room.

  1. Brighten the Room

To brighten up a room, hang a mirror across from a window. The reflection from the mirror will give the illusion of having more natural light as well as more windows. Adding a mirror in a small room can also help make the room appear larger.

Find a mirror that also gives the room some character. You might be able to find a unique antique mirror to add to the room. The piece could end up not only brighten the room but also become your staple antique piece.

  1. Wall Art

Updating your wall art can change the look of any space of your home. Try incorporating small photographs with wall art to create a gallery. The gallery will have a significant design impact when the pieces are hung in a group.

You could also hang up tapestries, weavings, abstract art, or other decorative pieces on the walls of your home. While you might want to stick with your style, try going outside of your comfort zone and go with a bigger piece than you usually would. It is crucial to play around with the style and color for different spaces of your home to make the old look new again.

Final Note

When looking for ways to update your home décor, these five ideas are sure to take any room in your home from drab to fab!




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