8 Reasons Why Interior Designers are Shifting to Bamboo

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In recent years, bamboo has become a very popular material used for a range of furniture and decorative pieces. As talks on sustainability rise, it has also become a suitable option for those making the switch to eco-friendly products.

Although years ago, bamboo has been regarded as a low-grade material, tides have turned to its favour as more and more interior designers have discovered its uses and taken advantage of its natural characteristic.

From small furniture to privacy screens, the uses of bamboo are endless, particularly when it comes to interior design. And if you’re not yet convinced with the advantages that come with it, below are the reasons that make bamboo an ideal choice among professionals.

Why Interior Designers are Shifting to Bamboo

1. Bamboo is Safe to Use

Safety is one of the major considerations when designing a home and this is greatly affected by the choice of furniture we use. As bamboo has the ability to grow without depending on harmful fertilizers and chemicals, interior designers are confident that what they’ll add to interiors are clean and free of irritants.

2. Bamboo is Long-Lasting

Interior designers are now more in favour of materials that can withstand wear and tear over long periods of time. While there is wooden furniture that offers strength, bamboo has the advantage of impact resistanceand even better, itcan be used without having to worry about termites.

3. Bamboo Allows Variety

When it comes to interior design, it is an advantage to find a material that works according to a desired purpose. With bamboo, uses are limitless when taking into consideration the form, type and style of decor. There are many different types of bamboomaterial which can be custom made to suit design specifications.

4. Bamboo Brings Aesthetic Advantages

One of the main purposes of interior design is to uplift the look of a home. Finding a material that comes with aesthetic advantages, easily suits this purpose. Bamboo adds a twist to modern furniture and ishighly regarded for itsnatural, textural beauty that suits all types of homes.

5. BambooSimplifies Rearranging

Wooden furniture is usually heavy. For interior designers, this is a downside as it is difficult to move around. With bamboo, these difficulties in rearranging furniturecan be avoided because of its naturally lightweight composition.

6. Bamboo Allows For Easy Maintenance

Good interior design is enhanced when furniture is wellpreserved and left clean. This could be time-consuming for other types of furniture, but not with bamboo. It takes minimal time and effort to keep it dirt-free and bright especially with regular cleaning using only a broom, soft fabric, and mild detergent.

7. BambooEnhancesGreen Spaces

Interior designers take into consideration the comfort that can be created in the spaces they’re working on. With bamboo furniture, creating a simple yet comfortable space is easy as it creates a connection between humans and nature.

8. Bamboo Helps Environmental Protection

Sustainability and eco-friendliness have become the top considerations among interior designers today. Issues with cutting trees have become a point of argument and bamboo has emerged as a suitable alternative that doesn’t hurt the environment. Unlike wooden trees that take decades to mature and be replaced, bamboo grows quickly which makesita renewable option that preserves ecological balance.

With the inherent characteristics of bamboo coupled with technological advancements, interior designers have found a material that adheres totheir functional and aesthetic requirements.

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