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Having lived in the same family house for over five decades, our family decided that it was time we gave our house a little makeover. Delhi being an extremely crowded city, it is very difficult to find the right people to do the job. A lot of members of our family had used UrbanClap before and were aware of the vast variety of services that they provided. So, when the time came to redecorate our house, UrbanClap was our go to option.

We had never tried taking such a major decision online before, so the experience was quite exciting; one search on Interior designer in Delhi and we got a long list of options. After a lot of contemplation we decided on an interior designing firm which was located close to our house.

Our family comprises of 8 people so there were a lot of opinions as to how everyone wanted the house to look. But there was one thing everyone agreed to, being a family home, all of us wanted to preserve some part of it to still get the feeling of our home. The people who came to visit us from UrbanClap understood this.

The first time the Interior Designers came to our house, they inspected the house and sat down with all of us and listened to what we wanted. Having so many different ideas, we thought it would end up being a disaster, but it was far from that. They listened to each of us patiently and showed the same amount of interest in each of our ideas. At the end of it, they told us that all of our ideas could be put to action; I’ve lived with the same people all my life and never have I seen all of them get so excited and jumpy at the same time, all credits to UrbanClap.

Since it was a collaboration of so many proposals, I expected it to take around two to three weeks to get back to us with their plans; to my absolute surprise, it only took then four days to get a complete plan back to us. It was a detailed plan and it took us thirty seconds to completely fall in love with it.

Once the work started, our worries started seeping in; we had seen designers leave houses undone and incomplete and since it was our first time, this was our biggest concern. But, after a couple of days passed, we saw the sincerity in the way the Interior designers from UrbanClap worked. They put their whole and soul in making sure that our house should turn out the way we wanted it to. It was appreciable to see someone put so much effort to get their work done correctly.

It was a very positive experience; they were available all the time to answer our queries about the house or about the time period of the job. Our home was a one storey bungalow with a front veranda. This goes without saying that we expected the house to take at least 50-60 days to complete, they did it in 30!

The interior designers gave our house a vintage yet classy look that made our house look new but conserved the memories of our original house. Our expectations were outreached and I couldn’t be happier that we decided to choose UrbanClap as our first option.

Overall, it was a very positive experience and I wouldn’t think twice before recommending the Interior Designers from UrbanClap to all my friends and colleagues.

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