What Carpets Are Best For The Home?

Home Decor

Your home is your sanctuary. When you come home after a day of work, you want to enter a space that feels comfortable, cozy, and most of all, personal. One of the most important parts of making a home your own is choosing to buy carpet that sets the tone for the rest of the space. But how do you know what type of carpet is the best for the type of home environment you’re trying to achieve? If you’re in the market for something that’s stylish, comfortable, and easy to maintain, there are tons of carpet options out there that will enhance your space and turn a house into a home in no time. Here are a few ways to pick the best carpet for your home.

Choose Style

While you’re most likely familiar with more standard types of carpeting, such as wall to wall and tile carpeting as well as throw and area rugs, there’s a bit more to it than that. The right rug style can create a totally new environment for a certain space, either by creating the illusion of a larger room, or working to add depth to a larger, emptier-looking room. Choosing the right rug style can tie together all the separate visual elements of a space to create a cohesive whole. For instance, if you’re looking for depth and coziness, go for a textured rug to create an intimate, warm feeling. If you want a rug to blend into the scenery, go for a flat woven rug or a sculptured rug. A frieze rug will have a lot of bounce to it, and a tile carpet is great for kids’ rooms and playrooms.

Choose Softness

In addition to looking great, your carpet also has to feel great. If you’re trying to create a cozy home environment, you won’t want to choose a cut and loop rug or a coarse woven wool rug. While these types of rugs can be great for hallways or interim spaces, most rooms that are designed with families or social occasions in mind will benefit from a larger, fluffier rug that can help with insulation and create an informal yet elegant feeling. If you’re more interested in creating a striking look, you’ll want to choose a soft, large, patterned rug that can serve as a visual centerpiece. However, don’t overlook the importance of comfort even when designing a family room or communal space. Your feet will thank you in the long run.

Choose Quality

Most importantly of all, you want your rug to stand the test of time. The best way to do this, in addition to doing the proper maintenance and going for bi-annual cleanings at American Chem Dry, is to choose a rug that’s made of a material that won’t quit. Strong natural fibers like wool are some the sturdiest options out there. However, if you prefer a rug that won’t need as much cleaning and will stay mold and moisture resistant, consider a synthetic fiber rug like nylon. If you’re paranoid about spills and stains, getting a stain-resistant rug made with the finest moisture-proof technology will help protect your carpet from drinks spills and pet stains all year round.

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