3 Great Tips for Creating Your Own Backyard Staycation Destination

Home Improvement

Wondering how you can make great family memories without ever leaving the house? Many families are turning backyards into fun staycation destinations to do just that. Here are three great ways to turn your backyard into your family’s favorite spot for a staycation.

  1. Install a Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a must for any backyard staycation destination. An in-ground pool is your best option if you want to customize with fun features like a diving board, waterfall and pool grotto. You’ll need a pool deck and adjacent patio to fully enjoy your new backyard feature. Rely on the experts in masonry Avon MA to give you a gorgeous, stable surface for hours of outdoor enjoyment.

  1. Create a Putting Green

While your backyard likely isn’t big enough for you to practice long-distance shots, you can still get the feel of being on the golf course by adding a putting green to your family’s staycation destination. Scope out a level area of turf in your backyard – this area should be free of any natural obstructions so that you have many approaches to practice a putt. Once you’ve selected your spot, use artificial grass as a replacement for the natural turf. This will give you that golf-course look and feel, without hours of care and maintenance.

  1. Add a Fire Pit

There’s really nothing cozier than a night spent gathering with family and friends around a fire pit. Instead of the traditional fire pit, why not try something different and make a design statement by using a fire sphere instead. You can now find these at your local big-box hardware store, or you can opt for a handmade option for a custom look.

Realize your backyard’s true potential by making these exciting upgrades. Follow these tips and you’ll create your family’s favorite place to let loose, relax and play!

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