Designing a Guest-Friendly Home

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Welcoming friends and family into your home is a great way to spend time. It is often a more affordable option than going out and it can be far more relaxing too, promising that you have an accommodating interior design.

If you are wondering how guest-friendly your home already is, or if you would like to know exactly how to make your home as welcoming as possible, then read our top tips!

Prioritise Seating

For guests to feel comfortable, they need to be sitting. Seldom can an evening of entertainment feel relaxed if your friends and family are unsure or unable to sit down. Consider each item of furniture, from sofas and chairs to stools and benches, and ensure that they are clear from obstruction and comfortable.

Focus Points

This isn’t as abstract as it may sound. When picturing guests within your home, try to think the way each person would be facing and where their attention will be directed. Your seating needs to facilitate concentration, allowing each person to look at the group.

An ideal way to do this is with shared, central furniture, such a coffee table, as they not only allow seating to be arranged around them but to also give a dedicated surface for placing the drinks and snacks you’ll need for the evening.

A Dedicated Room

It may not seem feasible to dedicate a room entirely for socialising but many do. Common choices are garden outbuildings, such as summer houses, as these can easily be installed in an outdoor space and can be big enough to accommodate a group of friends for an evening.

These rooms can be even designed with a television screen or projector, creating the most comfortable space for socialising with while feeling like you are at a real cinema.

Dining Table Importance

Even if a meal isn’t the intended focus of a social evening, sitting around a table is often the most comfortable arrangement for groups. Not only is it a practical decision, allowing for drinks to be placed comfortably, but it also allows everyone to focus and concentrate on one another.

When choosing your dining table, find the right balance between size and space. Choosing a large table is preferable, except when it clutters the room and prevents people from easily moving around it.

Free Up Your Space

You don’t want to welcome your guests into a sterile home. However, at the same time, if there is too much clutter, your friends and family won’t feel able to relax and guests tend not to be inclined toward moving objects and furniture for their own convenience.

Be sure to optimise your storage spaces and clear away non-essential items, especially those that are neither aesthetically pleasing nor useful.

Lower The Lights

Natural light is a great way to make a space feel welcoming. Artificial lighting, however, doesn’t always work the same way. If your bulbs are not warming or your home’s interior lighting is overpowering, it can be a strain on the atmosphere, especially as a group is trying to relax.

Seek out dimmable or warm glow lighting options for your home. The small initial cost will be negligible in comparison to the great atmosphere of your social gatherings.

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