How a Septic Tank Works

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We’ve all heard the words septic tank, but you might not know exactly how one functions. It’s easy to write it off as the magical underground that handles your waste and keeps your home from smelling foul, but it’s actually an interesting and intelligent design. It especially helps to know how one works if you have issues with yours or need a service on it; that way you don’t have to search “septic tank draining near me” and hope for the best. The tanks work based on a fairly simple system that allows them to act almost like a filtering pond underground.

The Process

All the waste water from your home goes into your septic tank. So every time you flush a toilet, everything in it will flow directly into your septic tank. The tank works by separating different consistencies in the waste and then draining what it can. Normally, a layer of sludge from solid waste (that is saturated in water or liquids) will settle to the bottom and create a breeding ground for bacteria to eat it away and keep it from becoming a problem. On top of it sits the water and liquids, and on top of that is an oily byproduct of the bacteria and waste. This oil and some of the water is flushed out of the septic and drained regularly to keep room for the constant cycle of waste water.

There’s a filter on the pipe leading out of your tank that keeps solids from going down the drain pipe. This is because the water is then dispersed into the ground and the bacteria are then able to feed the soil without contaminating it or the land around it.

Septic tanks are simple, but the process can go awry in many ways, so knowing how it works can put you ahead of any problem.

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