Taking Care of Your Smartphone

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It’s remarkable to think that smartphones have only been a part of most of our lives for a decade or so. They’ve become our cameras, organizers, calculators, flashlights, and many other things that no-one could have imagined in the 20th century. They’ve also changed and evolved significantly in that short time. Early models had physical keyboards and rollerballs, whereas the trend shifted to touchscreens once the technology made it possible. Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your smartphone stays in great shape as long as possible.

Screen Care

The screen is the most vulnerable part of your phone. While smartphones have become exponentially sturdier, a direct hit or drop can result in a cracked screen that will require a trip to an iPhone screen repair Midland TX specialty shop. Your best defense against this is a case with bumpers on the corners or a simple screen protector.

Software Updates

Beyond physical issues with your phone, the biggest concern is performance. If you notice that your phone is running slowly or that apps are crashing, the very best thing you can do is check and see if there is a software update available for your operating system. You should also make sure you’re getting automatic updates for all your applications.

Battery Power

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about smartphone batteries. While it used to be true that it was helpful to “train” your battery and let it drain down before charging, this is no longer the case. That said, a smartphone battery does have a finite lifespan. If you notice that your phone is losing power quickly, you may be concerned that it’s dying. In many cases, a battery replacement (which is much less expensive than a new phone) can get you back up and running as good as new.

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