The Top Reasons Why a Wooden Log Cabin or Garden Shed is the Ideal Addition to Your Garden

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The garden is an important space in any piece of property, and a garden that’s rundown and unkempt is a no-no for many of us. This is why we spend a lot of time investing in our gardens, whether it’s planting flowers and other plants or making sure the grass and hedges are properly trimmed, especially during the spring and summer. But if you want to enjoy your garden – and spend lots more time in it – you may also be thinking of adding a new element, such as a log cabin or garden shed. These structures are excellent because they can provide you not just with storage, but also with a place where you can relax. But what materials are best for your log cabin or garden shed? Here are the top reasons why a wooden log cabin or garden shed is the ideal addition to your garden.

  • They’re a brilliant, aesthetically-pleasing material

Whilst you can choose from different materials for log cabins or garden sheds nowadays, including plastic and metal, there’s still something different – and better – when it comes to the appeal of a wooden log cabin or garden shed. Since wood or timber is a completely natural material, it will undoubtedly blend in with your landscape with its colour and texture. If you want it to look more striking, you also have the option of painting or staining it so it can match your garden’s design and theme.

  • You don’t need extensive planning permission to have them installed

A lot of property and homeowners may be worried – understandably so – about the planning permission required to erect such a structure in their garden. But here’s the thing about wooden log cabins or garden sheds – they don’t need such a massive or deep foundation, and this is why you may not even need planning permission for them at all. Of course, it depends on where you live, but generally speaking, wooden log cabins and sheds don’t require it. This is far different from other materials like metal or concrete, which would often require permission before you can have them installed. You can save yourself some trouble and hassle when you go for a wooden log cabin or garden shed.

  • They come with natural insulation

Here’s another aspect about garden log cabins and wooden garden sheds you may not know about: they come with natural insulation. Wood or timber has natural insulation, so if you are planning on having a  storage area or workshop or simply a place where you can ‘let your hair down’, a wooden or timber cabin or shed is your best choice. This is especially useful during the summer season when such buildings will inherently be cooler compared to plastic or metal structures.

  • You can easily opt for additional customised features

Most of the available metal or plastic sheds or garden buildings come with a standard design. But if you want to improve the features of your cabin or shed with the addition of a wall for tools and equipment, a workbench, and so on, it can be difficult. Not so with sheds or cabins made from wood or timber – they’re perfect if you want to add modifications later on. They are practical as well as durable, and you can easily customise them, as mentioned, with different finishes or paint.

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