Water Is Everywhere in Your Budget

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When you estimate your company’s first water bill, you multiply the number of employees you have by the number of times they’ll go to the bathroom and the number of gallons each toilet uses. This number is pretty low, so you’re shocked when your bill is much higher in reality. Although you didn’t realize it at first, you use water for many purposes besides personal hygiene.

Cooling Down Machines

Many machines need to be sprayed with or partially soaked in water to keep them from overheating. The friction caused by their operation generates so much heat that without this cooling process, they’d break down. If you have industrial bag filters VA to remove particulates from this cooling water and a system for holding it, you should be able to reuse it. However, cooling water still accounts for a large portion of your bill.

Cleaning Your Facility

Water’s cleaning capabilities go far beyond people washing their hands after using the bathroom. Your cleaning service uses it to clean heavily-used surfaces, such as bathroom floors, tiled hallways, and outdoor sitting areas. Whenever your machines are too dirty to use or there’s a spill on your plant floor, someone uses a hose and cleaner to fix the problem. These water uses are unavoidable, but they do increase your water bill by a lot.

Manufacturing Products

Depending on your industry, you probably use a lot of water to manufacture the products you sell. Whether you make food, smelt metal pieces, or refine oil, water is essential for turning raw materials into something your customers want. Not only does water help power electric machines, but it’s also a key ingredient in most products. If you haven’t accounted for this water usage in your proposed budget, you’ve severely underestimated the cost of production.

Microchip Purification

In factories that produce microchips and semiconductors, purified water is an integral part of the manufacturing process. Without it, you can’t properly remove waste from silicon wafers as you assemble them. These particles are too small to see, but if left alone, they cause problems in the cell phone or car they’re supposed to power. If you use water in this way, you must budget for both its use and its purification.

One of the most common errors that new business owners make is underestimating how much it actually costs to run a business. Avoid this pitfall by taking a careful look at your projected water consumption.

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