What to Do With Your Belongings Between Moves

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Moving can be an exciting time, but if there is some dead space between your moves, it could add some stress. Perhaps the closing date on your previous home is a month sooner than the closing date on your new home. You might be able to stay with family members or in a motel, but what will you do with your belongings? The following are a few ideas.

Rent a Storage Container

You might consider loading a storage container Norman OK. There are various types and sizes, making it a simple solution to your problem. Sometimes these storage containers are kept on the moving company’s property, and other times you keep them on your property. If you are staying with family, ask if they would allow you to store the container on their lot. If not, you might have to rent a space for the storage container.

Get Rid of Some Things

It’s possible you won’t need everything you own when you make it to your final destination. It’s also possible the layout of your home will be different, requiring a different set of couches or a different sized bed. Put some of your belongings online, have a yard sale or donate to the local thrift shop to get rid of as much stuff as possible.

Rent a Storage Unit

Regardless of the amount of stuff you have, there are storage units of all shapes and sizes. If you’ve sold a bunch of stuff, you may only need a small unit for personal items. If you still have all your furniture, a larger unit may be necessary.

Getting Started

As you can see, there are some solutions to having a gap between moves. If you have found yourself in this situation, consider renting a storage container, getting rid of some things or renting a storage unit to make that in between time a bit easier.

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