Which House Siding Material Should You Choose?

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When it comes to re-siding your home, the options are limitless. There are a variety of colors, textures and styles for whatever type of material you choose. Therefore, when picking a siding, it makes sense to start with choosing the material. Here are some basic comparisons between three main types of siding.

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Stucco is a texture-oriented material that functions similarly to plaster. There is a misconception that all stucco looks the same. However, you can achieve a variety of looks and even patterns with tinting and dashing. Dashing refers to changing the texture of the stucco. Stucco design Columbus OH is an art and should only be done by professionals.

If installed correctly, stucco is very durable and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. The color and texture hold up well, unless you live in a climate that gets a lot of rain. In order for the material to insulate the home, multiple layers need to be applied.

Fiber Cement

Cement board, or HardiePlank, is made of wood pulp, cement, clay and sand. This manufactured material can be made into lap siding, shake and shingles or vertical panels. It comes in a variety of colors. Fiber cement is extremely durable and non-flammable. It resists insects and has the highest return on investment. It is a heavy product, making installation difficult. If the siding is not installed correctly, then you may get moisture build-up behind the surface.


Vinyl siding is the most popular choice for siding in the USA. This is largely due to its low cost and easy installation process. Vinyl is also called PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. It can be made into a variety of shapes and styles. Vinyl siding comes in hollow back and insulated planks. Insulated planks resist denting and give a more uniform look, as opposed to the hollow back siding which can sometimes appear wavy. Vinyl is weather and insect repellant, but it will fade under UV rays. It is low maintenance and has a good return on investment. But, some people don’t like the plastic look of the product.

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