Essential Upgrades for Your Glock

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There’s a reason why the Glock is a popular pistol in a few different ammunition sizes, and a reason why it is just as popular among serious competitors as it is with new shooters. The designs of each model are unilaterally efficient, and the quality of craftsmanship for these firearms has been well-established over a long operating history. That’s not all, though. On top of the reliable accuracy and smooth performance Glock pistols are known for, the manufacturer’s designs are also very open to customization, as evidenced by the large number of authorized accessories and aftermarket upgrades alike. If you’re trying to get the most out of your marksmanship, here are a couple upgrades that are considered essential for unlocking your best performance.

Trigger Upgrades

The trigger on a Glock is already pretty responsive out of the box, but competition triggers give you a smoother, faster response than you’re used to, allowing you to continue improving once your speed and accuracy plateau on the stock equipment. There are a few designs and options that have slightly different performance profiles, but the common thing every Glock competition trigger shares is that the design exceeds the original equipment specifications set by the manufacturer, it doesn’t just meet them.

Light Magazines for Fast Reloading

Learning a speed reload technique often depends more on your reflexes than on your equipment. That being said, lighter, faster aftermarket magazines that are designed to slip in and out of place efficiently can help you achieve a smoother performance when you need to get more ammunition in quickly, especially if you are in a competition setting that requires you to satisfy certain conditions before reloading, like fully emptying the gun and pulling the slide back. Efficient designs and accessories that let you carry them in easy to reach locations are a big help, especially when you train your muscle memory to know where they are.

Fiber Optic Sights

Last but not least, fiber optic sights are the key to getting up on a target faster and responding directly from sensory input and training. There are some competitions where you’ll find restrictions on the use of sights, but for most shooting situations, there’s no reason to give yourself an extra challenge because the competition won’t. The more accurate and faster your sighting, the more quickly you can adjust your stance and aim for environmental factors and equipment idiosyncrasies so you can lock in and deliver your best performance.

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