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If your job is flexible enough to work from home from time to time, you need a complete office space to be productive and comfortable. Having the perfect furniture for your home office can change your whole outlook from average to better, boost your productivity and satisfaction when working from home. Before you even get caught up in the appearance of the office furniture, there a couple of things you need to consider, like how much space you have, your budget, and what kind of a home office look you would like. So, here is your ultimate guide for choosing the ideal furniture for your home office at onlyoakfurniture.co.uk.

How much space do you have?

Note that a home office space may look big until you put a desk and chair and find out you have nowhere to set up a bookshelf. Before you head out to the store, ensure you measure your space and factor in the door space for letting in the furniture. If you need window views when setting up your desk and chair, factor in that too when taking measurements.

How much do you need to use your office space?

Determining how much you will be using your office space is imperative to help you assess its comfort level. For instance, if you want to be using it a few hours a day, 30minutes before you get to bed, or from time to time to check emails, a stylish but simple office chair, and desk will do. On the other hand, if you will be using it for a long time during the day, for instance, 7-10hours, comfort should be your top priority when choosing your home office furniture.

What is your budget?

Furniture comes in many styles and sizes to suit different budgets. You can spend a few dollars to purchase your home office furniture, or you can choose to spend a few paychecks. You can search on the internet or in magazines for inspiration on home decor, specifically home office decor. The budget you choose to set for your home office furniture depends on your pocket. The only thing you need to consider is that you will still need to purchase other office supplies such as a desktop. Online furniture stores are the best platform for DIY assembly furniture.

Will you share your office space?

If you have a partner, you need to consider if you will be sharing the office space with them. If yes, consider their needs when choosing office furniture. One of you may have more needs than the other depending on your jobs. However, it is best to make the furniture choices collaboratively to ensure you accommodate everyone’s needs. Plus, there are many multifunctional furniture pieces you can take advantage of.

What is your style?

You have to choose a style when choosing your home office furniture. You can settle for antique styles or contemporary styles of furniture, depending on your preference. While antique furniture may be stylistic and stunning, you may need the comfort of modern furniture. On the other hand, while some modern chairs have ergonomics as a health advantage and more comfort, they may clash with a traditional home’s decor. Decide what style best suits you in terms of comfort and aesthetics.


All in all, choose home office furniture that boosts your productivity while considering its comfort and style.

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